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Mister Phes

[LEGO IDEAS] "Land Ahoy" by Ralf Ranghaal reaches 10K Support on LEGO Ideas

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"Land Ahoy" by Ralf Ranghaal  (@ranghaal) has reached 10K Supporter on LEGO Ideas and will be eligible for the next review period that starts on the 2nd of May, 2022.

Read the Project Page and LEGO Ideas Blog Post for further details.



I made some similar builds before and was asked to submit them.

So I made this model of a map using only regular, standard techniques.

It is quite sturdy and a real build model. I plan to do a video showing how to roll up the flat build.

After rolling up a stand has to be attached. I made quite a basic stand out of basic bricks

The model can be made even more sturdy by adding a hose inside. Of course it cannot be rolled up then any more.

This is a design that is eye catching and has never been done before as a set.


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17 hours ago, Feuer Zug said:

Interesting design. I might steal it to build a ringworld.

A pirate ringworld? :pir-love:

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The ring world reminded me a bit of Halo^^

It looks really awesome.
So awesome that I wanted to recreate it. :pir-grin:


Congratulations on the 10,000 votes!


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