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[COR - Free Build] A gift for the ETTC

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To the Directors of the East Terran Trading Company,

I have admired the proficiency of the ETTC and the benefits you have brought to Corrington for a long time. But now, with the increase of enemy attacks, I wish to reinforce your position in the New World. So I offer you the Muharib, a class 5 brig rigged sloop of war. She might not have the largest cargo holds, but she is maneuverable and well armed, which I reckon will be most appreciated these coming months. I believe we are all well aware how treacherous the brick seas can be in times of war, so I hope you choose to accept my gift in good faith. 

The ship is docked in Spudkirk, you may send a representative to collect her at the time of your choosing. I will be waiting with her. 

Consider this my application to the shareholders.

Your loyal servant,

Captain Edward Scarver

The Muharib


sloop of warsloop of warsloop of warsloop of warsloop of warsloop of warsloop of warsloop of war



Residence in Spudkirk

The day after sending the letter to the ETTC House Edward and some crew members emptied the last pieces of cargo from the Muharib. As they stocked the last batch outside Edwards residence, Lord Spud arrived at the dock accompanied by one of his notorious Highland foot soldiers. 

"I wasn't expecting anyone to come this quickly" 

"Well it's not every day the ETTC receives a gift. Pleasure to meet you Captain Scarver."

"The pleasure is all mine My Lord"

"One would think a privateer would need as many ships as he could muster, seeing there is a war brewing just over the horizon."

"To tell you the truth, my crews are getting thin. We've encountered far more Lotii rovers than anticipated. Despite coming out on top, we lose men every time. At this point I figured it's best to fully crew our strongest ships, and transfer ownership of the others. It would be a shame to see them fall into Lotii hands."

"Your help is much appreciated, although I must admit the increase of hostile enemies is most worrisome. Continue your hunt Captain, we can't give them the opportunity to sabotage our invasion. Once we get our troops to El Oleanda, we'll make the Emperor wish he never even knew of our existence."


Hope the dialogue is acceptable, it's my first time writing any. I will be licensing the building as a medium residence as I believe the build qualifies (make sure to lett me know if it dosen't)

I've had both the ship and the residence built for ceveral days now, but I couldn't post them because my pc completely refused to rendered any picture at all. So thank you @lmcpicture for rendreing them and also editing the white backgroung on the moc :pir-huzzah2:


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It's been a while since I've seen that scattered water technique, I'd forgotten just how good it looks!  Great job with the blend of light and dark grey stone, and I also really like the dark blue rowboat.  The ship is quite a beauty too, super smooth curve and a lovely color scheme! 

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A very beautiful and well built ship. The figurehead and soldiers match the ship's name. I am particularly pleased that it has high-resolution photos on Flickr.

I also like the house at the harbor with the jetty. It's interesting to see Lord Spud in flesh and Edward Scarver on one build. I think it fits very well too.

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Very nice harbor scene, JSB, but that ship is a beauty!  I've never built an open gun-deck vessel (that I can recall, anyways :pir-grin:) but you're seriously tempting me to it!  The color-scheme, rigging, and curves are all gorgeous, and your sails really do the part too, furled and unfurled.  Lovely work all around!

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