[MOC] Invisible Hand with Full Interior

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I finally finished my Invisible Hand MOC! With my models, I like to cram in as many moving parts and minifig interaction as possible, and this is no different. The hangar doors open on gears, there is a working elevator inside the ship, a spring loaded shooter for broadsides, the entire ship splits in half, and of course all of the hull panels can be moved out of the way to access the interior with all the major locations from ROTS. One of the "rules" I set for myself is that all of the hull panels should not need to be removed to access the interior, instead they all hinge smoothly out of the way. This model was a very fun technical challenge, and I am proud to share it with the EB community.


Here you can see the whole model, and can clearly see that the proportions are squished quite a bit, and that was done to give me as much interior space as possible



Here is the hangar door opened





....and closed. It is operated by the light gray gear sticking out on the top right



The engines and their covers





The bow of the ship



Going inside the ship, we have the Chancellor's cell (with a working elevator to the hangar bay behind Dooku)



The empty hangar bay



Both Jedi Interceptors (which do fit minifigs) in the hangar bay



The front section opened up with the bridge, hallway, and broadside cannon



And finally the entire front section removed. It is entirely held on by those hooks, there aren't any stands for the entire front half



There are a lot of moving parts on this ship, so if you want to see those in action or just see this model in more detail, check out the YouTube video:

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Nice features and interior. The stand looks very fragile, the MOC must be perfectly balanced. And the frame must be sturdy af to hold on those tiny hooks.

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