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Hi there, 

I want to show you my latest creation, a 1:16 scale Toyota MR2 (SW20)

It has a lot of functions and details: 

  • opening hood, doors, bonnet, trunk
  • removable glass-roof-panels
  • working pop-up-headlights with switch inside the car
  • spare tire
  • two engine types possible => Turbo or NA
  • slidable seats


Toyota MR2 (SW20) red by danielsmocs - 01Toyota MR2 (SW20) red by danielsmocs - 03Toyota MR2 (SW20) red by danielsmocs - 05Toyota MR2 (SW20) red by danielsmocs - 06

More to see in the video:


Hope you like it!




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Great little model. I like how you put hidden switches for opening the closures and headlights. Are the headlights meant to be low rise ? 

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I really Like the MR2, I have a big MR2 poster hanging in my bedroom :grin:


Overall this build is very well done, all the doors and even the pop-up headlights work, that's very cool.

The sides and rear of the MOC are also very recognizable, easy to see that's a 2nd gen MR2.

But I can't say the same about the front, it just doesn't look like MR2 at all to me...


All in all a very well made MOC, I can see you put a lot of effort into small details as well. Well done.

Edited by Gray Gear

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