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Elephant Knight

Stolen Aerial Intruder

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Some dastardly space pirates have stolen and modified an Aerial Intruder Blacktron ship, and made it their own!

51924144832_b9a02cba5d_z.jpgStolen Aerial Intruder

This creation was literally an Aerial Intruder Blacktron set that I took and modified. It now has a full interior, cramped as it may be. I also added some upgrades, as things like the engines, needed to be larger to move the now much bulkier ship.

51925118506_9e4e985864_z.jpgStolen Aerial Intruder

51924145012_e84578f406_z.jpgStolen Aerial Intruder crew

51925456509_ac5a5908f9_z.jpgStolen Aerial Intruder

51925456069_7ac374ac1c_z.jpgStolen Aerial Intruder 

Tell me what you think!


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Definitely a fun mix, what a mashup of stolen modules would look like! Will we see more of the space pirates' armada in the future? :pir-sweet:


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