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For a long time I wanted to build some Rock Raider MOCs.

I loved playing the game and with the sets when it was new and remember playing a lot with it and building things from the game (with the wrong colors).

Sadly I never had the big sets but I did have the the Loader-Dozer and a couple of small sets so I did have most minifigs and the rock monster except the Chief.


So I recently started putting some figs together and started updating them, and also added some extra characters.


Rock Raiders 2.0+ by Ids, on Flickr

From left to right:
- Raiden (a new miner to expand the team)

- Nari (a rookie engineer, helps Sparks with his tasks)

- Wiz (a Zotaxian expert in energy crystals and Voltstones)

- Sparks (an expert on all things mechanical and electrical)

- Jet (the most courageous and strong-willed of all the Rock Raiders, she is a very skilled pilot)

- Chief (the oldest, wisest and most experienced Rock Raider)

- Docs (the head Geologist and Commander)

- Bandit (the greatest sailor)

- Axle (one of the best drivers of the team)

- Rocky (a robot)

- Krenxx (a demolition expert)


When building the figs, I realized I had to also build some vehicle for them, for FebRovery (see also this topic: [MOC] Febrovery 2022 a story of rovers - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums) I made one:


FebRovery 2022 - 25 by Ids, on Flickr


Heavy Tunnelator by Ids, on Flickr

The search for energy crystals continues, the Heavy Tunnelator is a new Rock Raiders vehicle, the drill can be pushed out of the vehicle to drill from a safe distance. 

An experimental function of the vehicle is that the drill can be remotely controlled from inside the cabin, and can continue to drill without being attached to the base.


And today I also finished some small ones:


Rock Raider scouts by Ids, on Flickr

Two small Rock Raider vehicles. 

Made an updated Hover Scout and a small scout rovers.


Thanks for looking and let me know what you think, I will probably work on some more vehicle when I have an idea.


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The figures are great, modern but have the right Rock Raider feel.

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Good collection of figures and nice vehicles. The rover is great with the features you built in. The background even has the period feel.

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For the fig with the big dark bluish gray/copper-printing armor, the turquoise torso underneath... That's that 2021 Eternals torso, but with DBG arms added by you, right?

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What are the minifigure heads for the orange-on-orange guy, the white-hair guy in the middle, and the grey-civil-war-hat guy next to the white-haired guy?

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Those vehicles look nice and rough, befitting a tough mining crew. Nice!

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