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LEGO 10270 Bookshop XL MOD

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We have a long-term ambition to build our own - enlarged - versions of all (more or less) LEGO modular buildings.
Previously we have built two buildings based on 10251 Brick Bank, and we have now finished the next two - a 76 cm high modification of 10270 Bookshop.
It is not only the height of the buildings that has made this a comprehensive project, but also the fact that all floors are fully furnished and equipped with light from Light My Bricks.
For part of the interior, we have taken our starting point in 21328 Seinfeld and 10291 Queer Eye - The Fab 5 Loft, but in addition to this a lot of energy has been put into designing furniture, lamps and other furniture for all the floors.


10270 XL MOD 110270 XL MOD 210270 XL MOD 310270 XL MOD 410270 XL MOD 5





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10 hours ago, noahtheb said:

I love the NPU everywhere, especially the chairs used as cabinet doors.


4 hours ago, ExeSandbox said:

More like XXXL :laugh:

But it's seriously impressive though!

Thanks 😊

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