[MOC] Majisto's Dragon Cave

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share my latest Castle MOC with you: 

Majisto's Dragon Cave

This is a place where the Dragon Knights can lock up their captured Dragons and Majisto can cast spells on them to make them obedient to him and his knights. It was inspired by and is sort of a combination of the Dark Dragon's Den and Majisto's Magical Workshop.

51901264516_eff2583549_c.jpg20220223_114358 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

At the front there is a big gate, which can be opened and closed to get the dragons in and out of the cave.

51901355593_b1d50230d5_c.jpg20220223_114428 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

To the left of the gate there's a secret entrance to the top floor.

51901263726_771a70b938_c.jpg20220223_115108 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51900301007_297cfa1b6b_c.jpg20220223_114553 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

Only Majisto knows how to open it!

51901355388_168c81bb59_c.jpg20220223_114607 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51900300477_8e31df6d5b_c.jpg20220223_114906(0) by sinister5988, auf Flickr

On the upper floor there's a small workshop and a little tower.

51901264071_0892d8f3f5_c.jpg20220223_114724 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

The door underneath the tower can be opened so Majisto can cast his spells direclty onto the dragon in the cave (or you can throw some unwanted guests down into the cave :laugh:)

51900300722_44fbabdb9d_c.jpg20220223_114735 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

A smaller entrance, only big enough for humas to pass through, is located on the right side (someone needs to feed the dragons, right?).

51901263971_8cdec73499_c.jpg20220223_114826 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51901593764_921eb4de0a_c.jpg20220223_114849 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

I also built a slightly modified version of the Dragon Wagon, since it fits well with the cave. I especially didn't like the seat for the driver and also wanted to add one of those horse dragon helmets to the top of the wagon.

51901913085_62095e0741_c.jpg20220223_115219 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51900300182_e2313e3f2a_c.jpg20220223_115252 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51901912955_a132984ff2_c.jpg20220223_115322 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

The Dragon Knights use the Dragon Wagon to transport their captured dragons to Majisto's Dragon Cave, where the can lock them up.

51901354398_e4952c8afb_c.jpg20220223_115505 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51901912655_895cbeb7d1_c.jpg20220223_115522 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51901912585_ef4a7e66eb_c.jpg20220223_115538 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

51901354163_00a6ffa6d6_c.jpg20220223_115604 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

I'll finish this post with a photo of the Cave and the Wagon together - I just love the look of the Dragon Knights and their color scheme :wub:

51900299462_72b698798e_c.jpg20220223_115708 by sinister5988, auf Flickr

Let me know what you think, Feedback is always welcome :classic:


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@sinister5988, You may be interested in the current issue of Blocks Magazine that has a retrospective of sets from this theme and period as well as a rebuild of 6020 Magic Shop.

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