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[MOC] RC Snowmobile "Trident" - Control+ / testing in snow

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Good day, everyone!

Each winter I hope to build some offroader to drive in snow, and each winter something goes off. Finally in 2022 I,ve finally built what I wanted - big orange snowmobile with control+ electrics and sprockets from Liebherr/




Two main parts are the chassis and the body. Let's start with former.


Front side - as it is snowmobile it is fitted with two steerable skis. Suspension consists of parallel levers with two big yellow shock absobers and two hard small shock absorbers between the levers. Suspension is strong enough to bear the weigh of control+ smart hub with 6 battries, body parts and optionally Darth Vader as the driver.

Skis are 5M wide and each one has two small rubber wheels inside to add traction on smooth surfaces (with them you can steer even on smooth floor - without only on snow)


front suspension has positive castor angle. Which looks cool, but required some tricky techniques to implement steering - for example - for steering I used Large Angular Motor (or simply LAM) it is in parallel with suspension levers, but connected to chassis and smarthub with angle.

Next - rear part - all driving motors (2 XL) are inside the tracks. Reduction gear is 28:36 (or 1:1,29) - keeping motors inside the tracks reduces the weigh of body which is good for suspension travel.

Long shock absorbers work for vertical movement of only rear part of vehicle, whereas short sh.a. are used for vertical movemnet of whole body (long sh.a. act as parallel levers)


And finally - the bodywork.



I think this is for now the best bodywork I've ever made for MOC - it is orange, it looks good and its reliable and rigid enough so you can grab this Snowmobile by most of it's orange sections and nothing will fall away. Furthermore, all panel are locked in places and don't wiggle at all.

I've even used aquaman's trident from brickhead as mascot when I figured out that Snowmobile looks a lot like trident from above. 

For everything else that you need to know i invite you to watch the video:

P.S. I wanted this snowmobile to look loke a fish. But it turned out to be closer to shrimp or prawn :)



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It looks good. Front suspension is interesting.

It somehow steers badly. Maybe some ridge on skis are needed?

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I like the looks! Wouldn't this fit the 7wide tracks from the CAT perfectly?

I also like the solution to put the motors inside the tracks. IRL this would be a terrible idea as it would increase unsprung weight which is very bad, but in LEGO that shouldn't really matter and saves a lot of space :thumbup:

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