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Archiving the forum

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Hi everyone,

So I'm sure some of you came across old threads with expired images. I wanted to check with the mods team if there are any plans / procedures to make sure everything is archived and accessible?

From my personal forum experience, a DIY fix to this could be to archive each thread every now and then with the Wayback Machine, so even if the imgur/flickr/photobucket etc images are deleted, you can still view them by accessing that website.

To archive the page you go to

and paste a link to your wanted topic (in multiple-page threads, each page has to be submitted separately).

Once archived, you go to and ented the thread link in the search and it will take you to the latest archived version.


I can imagine storing images on your server can be quite expensive, so this is a good and quick workaround.

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Eurobricks doesn't store the images on their server anyway. As it is, a contributor has the right to remove any previous images they want to by deleting the images that are linked to.

Plus archiving every page of a forum manually is going to be quite a job.

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