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[MOC] Alien landscapes and creatures

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I recently made two alien landscapes:

The water horse of Talvor-VI:


The water horse of Talvor-VI by Ids, on Flickr

Species 5642-451, the pack animals of Talvor-VI, better known as the water horse.

No civilization can do without pack animals, the native species of Talvor-VI, the Migoija, use the water horse to fulfill their needs in transportation of goods.

They live in harmony with the Migoija, and are also necessary to cross the wide tundra's of the planet.


Crab fishing on Kandor-III


Crab fishing on Kandor-III by Ids, on Flickr

Kandor-III is famous for it's delicious crabs, found on the red sandy beaches of the planet.

Many species come here looking for the delicious crabs.


Feedback always welcome and let me know what you think about these two builds.


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The water horse of Talvor-IV initially reminded me of the walkers in War of the Worlds. Your landscape for Kandor-III is out of this world (pun intended). Are you taking orders for the delicious crabs?

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These are great! I don't know if you've ever played the game No Man's Sky, but these builds kind of remind me of some of the alien worlds one might encounter in it. I especially like the Kandor-III build it's such a fun build and feels very alien.

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@Feuer Zug Sadly you have to get your own crabs, the world is not yet colonized and there isn't an infrastructure yet to order the delicious crabs.

@Geihlen Thanks, haven't played the game, but this was my first inspiration for Kandor-III:


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