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[P6 - PHINDAR - MA] And on through the undergrowth...

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The stream flowed around the bend with no sense of urgency, serving as an informal barrier between the rocky outcrop to one side and the dense undergrowth to the other.
Relative silence reigned here with the occasional report of a predator declaring it's latest kill whilst other species were busy making salutations to another day.
Cautiously, the delicate crunch of footfall through leaf litter announced a Mandalorian and his Catharian guide.



Zyx Craus was brought to Phindar to investigate rumours of an ancient Mandalorian stockpile. His guide, P'Urr Xian, a Cathar had known of an Imperial outpost during occupation that was believed to now be abandoned. 
With the Mando'Ade determined to return Mandalorian history, antiquity and culture to it's people, the Duchess had sent the scout to investigate such claim.
Erring on the side of caution they'd made planet fall some distance away and had made their way on foot.

Xian announced the stream meant they were close to the site. Dropping his pack on the floor; out crawled a diminutive little droid. Creeping alongside them, calibrated to scan for the Mandalorian Iron, Beskar.
The droid shortly disappeared into the grasses to report ahead, they were close!

P6 PHINDAR MA detail


The Build notes and additional photography:


Analysis droid:


Built with the Fly's Eye spy droid in mind. This droid is preprogrammed for specific tasks and launched into its area of operation.

I enjoyed putting this together, a practice of patience were the lightsabers. I wanted to build something that exhibited similar traits to the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and the lightsabers offer a perfect solution.
To add an undulating look, these are built over varying slopes to get a slight incline.
The plateau sitting above the water is mounted at a 45° angle using a 4x4 turntable with plate mounted to get the hull piece in the right position. I believe this works well to show where, over time, the water has eaten away at the ground.

P6 PHINDAR MA birdseye

The build started with the bullrushes and went on from there!



Thanks for looking, will the Mandalorian discover the Beskar looted by the Empire?
Tune in same time, next time, to find out!

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Great little build, but I would say too little. There's lots of really cool details, but there's so much happening at the same time, it's hard to spot them, as all is crammed up. 

Superb introduction of Cathar species and her minifig is really nicely done - indeed a guide in the wilds. 

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