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Hello World, it's time for me to upload a non-russian post about my LEGO model from the TRANSFORMERS Universe!

This is LEGO TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED: CONSTRUCTICONS & DEVASTATOR! Meet the official four characters: Dirt Boss, Mixmaster, Scrapper & Bulkhead, who was originally in team Prime, but got caught and modded by CONSTRUCTICONS. But then he escapes, and now there's a need in NEW CONSTRUCTICONS! (Please credit Dick Grinwis for designs, if he is still out there) Meet Hightower, Longhaul, Hook & Bonecrusher! And, of course, I made possible a rejected idea - meet the canon character Skipjack, an addition to the pseudo-canon plot of the future Cybertron. Together the characters form the DEVASTATOR gestalt. Some of the characters in the said plot become CONSTRUCTOBOTS, and add to themselves another canon figure - Erector. Then, the CONSTRUCTOBOT DEVATATOR awakens! DEVASTATOR BOSS NOW, DEVASTATOR BOSS FOREVER!

In LEGO form, they are fully transformable, but the stability is not checked in real life. My only option is to ask someone to build this for real, as this is the only chance for the gestalt to be real! And 3-D printing the non-LEGO versions is not even an option for me, only LEGO can do the job! I really hope someone gets a hold on these models, I would personally credit anyone who will make them real! Renders and links to sources & media below.51198058501_a750bd0fc6_b.jpg51198704349_6eaf89441b_b.jpg51197926791_256b57a2d9_b.jpg

Now there's a new boss in town - Dirt Boss!


Who you calling shovel-head, cement-breath?


My name ain't cement-breath, okay?


Unlike myself, my buildings never collapsed!


I wasn't going to become this stupid dump truck!


Building a city is like solving an equasion. Not easy, but interesting!


You too hear the howling of amuck dwarf wolf?


Being a giant robot body is dangerous, don't emulate this at home!


I have to admit... I think we've got a problem...


I wanted to be useful so much that I ate those bright stones...


Constructobots! Time to bend spoons of Galvatron and his army!


Call me "Mix"!


And you can call me... "Scrap"!


Energon fields are helpful - thru them I grew thrice as big!





Video about these models:

Instructions 1:

Instructions 2:



FULL LDD-LXF RAR +BONUS MODEL HEADMASTER (bonus credit text on russian):

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Ah, this really takes me back!

Great job on the model, I love the funky proportions and the colors. :thumbup:

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9 hours ago, ExeSandbox said:

I love the funky proportions and the colors.

Unmodded LDD is so-o-o limited in pieces released to date, but I'm glad you liked it! Proportions are exactly what makes any Devastator unique, and I was not afraid to make 3 (or 4) versions, as I merged some of the different concepts together, making different proportions for each combo mode. But I'm still not happy with Bonecrusher being a longer arm than Hook, and still, I couldn't change it due to available treads and body proportions.Also, I couldn't do anything with the body/stomach of Hightower (it doen't exist on the alt-mode on the official picture), as the transformation scheme on the 2-D art is showing his stomach's "bendable plastic/resin" nature. Colors on version BOT5 are, well, rainbow, and can NOT be changed due to the story I'm making. Bulkhead and Dirt Boss can NOT be yellow, as the design of Dirt Boss as Spoons/Deadlift is red, and Bulkhead only has only one official redeco with yellow left, which is mostly green Mudbuster. And I'm not happy with these choices either, but what should I have done? And different models of the same character may have a different parts count due to design simplification or part-color limit.

So, proportions and colors are NOT everything, and I suppose such parts of such colors may be expensive sometimes. (really hope someone can buy these parts)

3 hours ago, JJ Tong (zfogshooterz) said:

You somehow managed to capture the style of these characters in Lego form which is insane!

I, too, to some degree, am insane. I was working on this project for YEARS, and I even have an old version somewhere, and the old version is very similar to Dick Grinwis's most popular version and somewhat low-quality. Another old version is actually LQ 5-component mode, and the other 4 Constructicons were decided on later. THIS version is the aligned concept, and has some tweaks to Mixmaster and Scrapper, who become both the arms and the legs. Scrapper's form from old version 1 was changed in old version 2, so you all could see the better version here. Dirt Boss in old version 1 was stupidly small and formed the non-canonical head, and that SUCKED, because I wanted the CANONICAL head, which you can see here. And my Hook has a different head (by XenoTK) than Dick Grinwis's "Bonecrusher-Hook" head, because I made a LEGO version that greatly differs from the 2-D art, and actually doesn't look like movie Bonecrusher at all. As I Was NOT happy with the proportions and colors, I am VERY happy with matching the cartoon styles with LEGO models. Also, I made renders BEFORE I made some changes to Hook (fix for better stability), so the version on the renders differs from the downloadable virtual LEGO model.

So, the style is NOT everything, and as the post says, the stability is not checked in real life. (I depend on rich builders so the stability can be checked)

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