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In order to secure the society’s activities in the Kessel sector, the alliance with the pykes was invaluable. The pykes had worked with the empire before, and they seemed open to this partnership as long as it was profitable.

Deep in the workers district of Oba Diah, the slick manager of the Maw Installation is meeting with the head of Benru Logistics…


SCS-90.jpgTol Sivron: I’m certain my master will be pleased. This new deal, doubling the amount of freighters. It should bring us back on schedule. And, as promised I bring you a sample of compound S-zero. I assure you, the compound is more effective than we hoped.

SCS-91.jpgSy Benru: Tell your master, we are pleased with this deal. With this compound our spice will be untraceable. The New Republic will not be able to stop our shipments to the inner rim.





DATA ENTRY: With the disappearance of Cdr. Bannon, most of his men either pledged allegiance to other imperial remnants, or fled into the outer rim. One of Bannon’s men was the twi’lek cargo pilot Eik Tarkuna, who fled into hutt space taking odd jobs, until he was able to open a small street cantina in the slums of Oba Diah.

SCS-93.jpgEik Tarkuna 

Species: Twi'lek; Gender: Male; Homeworld: Corellia; Affiliation: Imperial Triumvirate;

Eik Tarkuna was born and raised in the fishmonger district in Coronet City on Corellia. Not much is known about the Twi'lek or his family, other than at some point he made it off Corellia as a freighter pilot, taking a job as an imperial pilot for Cdr. Julo Bannon (source: see link below). 





I wish I had more time to expand on this. I really wanted it to be a 32x32 moc, but time-vs-reward made me stick with a limited cut-section build. Let me know what you think - there's a lot of smaller details in here that I hope you notice - will add more photos I think. See below.



Random patrons at Eik's SeaGrub street cantina. His dishes have become a local favorite. Even for a couple of Imperial Miners, on a stop-over before continuing on to Kessel.


Cargo being stored on the rooftop. Some of the characteristic green light fixtures of Oba Diah can be seen here.


Benru Logistics is regularly visited by Zygerrians selling batches of slaves, shipped of to the spicemines of Kessel.


The back alleys of Oba Diah hides all kinds of dirt.


Another look at Eik's kitchen.


Communication console inspired by BoBF.


Another look at street view. A Gand playing a modified Valachord.


Another look at the figs - from left to right: Pyke bodyguard, Sy Benru, another pyke bodyguard, Tol Sivron (inspired by the legends character:, and an Imperial ISB officer.


From left to right: Klatoonian worker, An unknown Mythrol working for Eik, Eik Tarkuna, unknown alien blob (was considering to make it a dish at one point), Gand bard, Klatoonian smuggler.


From left to right: Two imperial miners, Ithorian traveler, Zygerrian slave merchant, Zeltron bounty hunter.

The kitchen


Top view


Various jugs, dishes in the sink, cutting board, and a caf-machine...


Some kind of nudle-dumplings, and a fried sea-star-thing...


More kitchen-stuff...


Edited by Darth Bjorn
More photos added

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Great build (as always), wonderfully detailed kitchen, but my favourite is the Mythrol emptying the green liquid from the barrell into the gutter. Apparently Moff Cerato established a trend of wearing fur collars among imperials.

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On 1/23/2022 at 7:25 PM, Brickwolf said:

Apparently Moff Cerato established a trend of wearing fur collars among imperials.

Yes! As a Scandinavian, I like my cold-weather imperials! ;) And thank you.

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Great moc all around! So many great minifig kitbashes, details, techniques and parts usage. Actually, my favorite part is the sewage running underneath the grid, the rust and the musician.

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