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Could a "Like" button be introduced?

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20 hours ago, Darkdragon said:

Nope, forums are dying everywhere because people aren't using them as much anymore. It's not a Eurobricks problem, it's simply people using different types of communication and media these days. I know quite a few dying forums and can assure you that Eurobricks is far from it. 


So true. Eurobricks is dying, and has been for years. But it is still surviving providing a service (for free) for those that want that service.

I also like Eurobricks because there are words written here. If all people want to do is post images and see how many people click on a thumbs up sign while trying to avoid looking at too many adverts, there are other places to do that. If EB tries to become one of them, it will still die. Probably quicker. It will lose the people that come here for the discussion. And it won't attract the people that want to look and click a thumbs up.

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