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[OL - Trade Company] Le Bellan Shipping and Freight (LBSF)

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***Interested in Becoming an LBSF Shareholder?! See Details at the Bottom of this Post***

With the blessings of the high council and a freshly signed charter from the King himself, the merchants and nobles of Oleon have established a new trade venture: 

Le Bellan Shipping and Freight. 


The Company maintains its headquarters in a venetian style royal palace in Eltina. 


Admiral Beauchamp gifted a large warehouse to the LBSF to serve as their initial trade terminal. 


As well as the donation of a newly launched CL V trade ship, the LBSF Demeter


Expanding and Diversifying in New Haven with the establishment of the LBSF Wheat Farm in Fort Arltrees and the adjacent mill to support hungry troops.


***Interested in Becoming an LBSF Shareholder?!***

Why Invest with LBSF?

The vision of the Executive Board at LBSF is to hedge against the unpredictability of trade across the high seas while also capitalizing on the aggregated economic opportunities of free commerce. As such, shares in this "hedge" fund may not be for all investors. Though, while purchasing shares in LBSF is a commitment, the fund guarantees a monthly return on investment. 

How can you purchase a share in LBSF?

In order to deliver a steady ROI to our customers, shares in LBSF require payment in BOTH real property AND DBs. Purchase price for 1 share is a transfer of 25 DBs to LBSF AND 1 x small build licensable in the EGS. Example: A medium warehouse build, posted as a licensable property in the BOBS forum and a transfer of 50 DBs to the LBSF would generate two shares. All builds must be approved by the Executive Board AHEAD of publication in order to be valid in a share purchase. If interested, please contact our HQ in Elina (@CapOnBOBS) or inquire at one of our properties across the Kingdom of Oleon.

Who can purchase shares in LBSF? Where does LBSF operate?

Anyone can purchase a share in LBSF. However, LBSF's charter is to operate within the Kingdom of Light. All builds used in the purchase of shares must be in Oleon Settlements.

What does a share in LBSF do for you?

Shares bring with them a guaranteed monthly return of no less than 3 DBs per Account Summary cycle. This guaranteed income represents a floor which your share will not drop below while shares will also earn a percentage of additional income above this guaranteed rate based on the success of trade voyages and the overall financial state of the company writ large. *Note: Currently, the Executive Board of LBSF is locked and purchase of a share does not entitle the holders to vote on company policy. 

How many shares are in Circulation?

For the SEP-OCT Account Summary period, 16 shares were in circulation. 


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