[MOC] Family 7-seater SUV. Because I've got Family🙂

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Hello, this is my new old MOC LEGO Technic SUV 8081XL - a deep rework of the LEGO Technic 8081 set for my girls.
- Steering system from HOG
- front independent suspension
- rear axle suspension
- rear axle to V6
- doors, hood and trunk open
- saloon for 7 seats
- the middle and 3rd row are foldable
- 1st row armrest with storage compartment
- Plenty of legroom for passengers
- Cup holders)
Car was built for my baby girls to play with Belville Dolls, first as improved 8081 set, but imprvement went too far.
8whSUm5gkY4.jpg?size=1280x720&quality=95&sign=14bca02f6c0e55ae1a0b8ac425249e47&type=album  BFKC_0SJYuc.jpg?size=1280x720&quality=95&sign=6a3f601af1d19e0a121cba0c7e44d1da&type=album
Reason, I choose non LEGO 1:10 RC wheels are:
1) too simple for luxury
2) Too big for steering
3) too small
4) Too rare / expensive
5) not Mercedes-Benz
This are good!
So, saloon ergonomics wins! Because I've got family (Toretto)
Thank you
If you are ready to watch my russian language review (you can turn on translation of reussian subtitiles to you language on the fly!!!) then there is a video below.
15 minute review (you can watch using autotranslated subtitiles)

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I like the overall look, especially the rear. Gives me BMW X vibes. Only the front is not for me, looks like a Bionicle mask :grin:

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Great to see another 8081 MOD. Keep 'em coming! I love the seats, and love that you can get 7 figures in the MOD. Did you make any changes to the drivetrain?

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