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[MOC] Ferry boat

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Somewhere in the heart of the Mediterranean lies one of the most beautiful cities in Europe which goes by the name of the Dubrovnik. Those familiar with the Game of Thrones will know Dubrovnik better as King’s Landing since it served greatly for principal photography of the series. Nearby lies (conveniently) the most beautiful island in Europe, the evergreen and very much cursed island of Lokrum, but we won’t go into that now.

Built over a half a century ago, unique in design and specially made to dock shallow waters of the island port, twins Skala and Zrinski have transported more than several million visitors, both residents and tourists, on and off the beloved cursed island. Today, after 50 years of loyal service, two wooden ferries are more than means of transportation as they grew out to be a hidden bond between the residents’ heart and soul, one being the city and other the island.










To maximize play and ensure an easy access to passenger area, bridge deck is (almost) easily detachable from the main deck. Small annoyance comes from detaching and reattaching the white rail guard. With or without bridge deck, the construction of the main deck is exceptionally sturdy. Roof of the bridge cabin is also detachable.

MOC was first designed in and later built, and re-built, using the real 100% legal build techniques and original LEGO pieces.


The use of RARE parts is minimal and only few represent a challenge:

  • 1x 64645 Boat, Hull Brick 16 x 10 x 3 in WHITE

  • 3x 30340 Minifigure, Utensil Flotation Ring (Life Preserver) in RED

  • Several Hose, rigid, 3mm in longer dimensions

There are few UNIQUE parts used in this MOC, mainly decorative stickers for the flag of Saint Blasé (city patron saint); Dubrovnik coat of Arms; last ship poster; and one for the name of the ship on stern.


  • Parts: 1328 parts (without minifigs)

  • Dimensions: W: 15.6cm L: 39.7cm H: 21.3cm

  • Weight: 1,227 grams

  • Difficulty: Moderate/hard Build (tested on two +8 years old)

  • Type of set: For Display & Light Play

  • Estimated Cost of Parts: 190-230€ (on BrickLink in 2021)

  • IMPORTANT: Model does not float

  • Detailed instructions AVAILABLE at Rebrickable on this LINK


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I love it. Always happy when people use a huge piece and blend it in perfectly to make a wonderful model.

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