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Some time later on Ossus…



SCS-81.jpgAgent Amus: Colonel. You should set up camp here, while the reapers recon the library. The remaining reapers and I will secure the library perimeter, and let you know when you can join us.

SCS-80.jpgCol. Augis: Very well sir. I may as well examine the surrounding shrines, and the subterranean anomaly we detected three clicks west of here. 

Captain! Let’s set up camp here, and secure the area. I’ll be in the lab.




A closer look at the heavy combat assault tank

TX-250 GAVw "Conqueror" (or "Guardian")


Excerpt from Agent Amus log: During a Triumvirate mission to Rothana, Reaper Squad uncovered a forgotten imperial storage complex, with several Conqueror tanks. Such a beautiful machine should not be forgotten nor wasted. I will see to it, that these will be put to better use under my watch.


A closer look at the TX-250 GAVw "Conqueror" carrying a trooper carrier module, retrofitted as a field laboratory unit. The lab is equipped with advanced scanners and sensors able to detect otherwise hidden parts of ancient ruins. The lab also contains state-of-the-art analysis equipment for relics and artifacts.


This was a really fun vehicle to build - and imagine how this bigger model wasn't as popular as the smaller TX-225 seen in Rogue One. The snot frame turned out to be a little tricky, but I managed to make it robust enough to click in the interchangeable modules. Below are a lot more shots - I'd love to hear your thoughts!




Setting up camp


I was heavily inspired by Ossus depicted in the PC game SWTOR


A full 360 view of the base TX-250 GAVw


The base TX-250 GAVw, with a large rear module/cargo ramp


Module base clicked in place


The TX-250 GAVw with the Ion cannon module


The TX-250 GAVw with the "Guardian" defensive module


The TX-250 GAVw with the trooper carrier module, retrofitted to be a field lab



Inside view of the field lab - analysis equipment, and storage for relics




A closer look at the top-mounted turbo laser cannon


Really happy with the track-solution - although stationary


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What a awesome looking beast. The amount of detail is just perfect, love the idea to be able to swap out components.

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GORGEOUS! I saw it on Flickr and I just knew I had to check out the full MOC on EB. Everything about this is soooo good! The build itself, with the different modules fitting together so well and just the general shaping of it. Great SNOT and piece usage throughout. But like the others have stated, the presentation is top notch as well. So much to look at here.

With tanks like these, one would wonder why the Empire even bothered to build walkers in the first place.


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Very great design, of both the tank and the scenery build, great use of the constraction gun piece

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Thanks a lot guys! I've really been struggling to find motivation to do vehicles, but this one was hard to stop working on - I want do do even more with the modular idea! :pir-blush: Thanks for all the great feedback. I really appreciate it! :pir-cry_happy:

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Fantastic all around. The tank is creative and well-executed, super detailed. I love the modules.

The bit of terrain we get is fantastic, but I'd love to see more height variation. Maybe even some ambitious snow-dusted cliffs to sell the drama of Ossus!

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On 1/14/2022 at 9:21 PM, Brickwolf said:

Awesome vehicle! I like the presentation on a page, you should publish a book with these!

Thanks - that could be really fun.


On 1/22/2022 at 2:27 PM, RocketBoy said:

I'd love to see more height variation.

Ah yes! I must work on my vertical skills to really impress the Master of Vertical:blush:

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