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[I9 - Selvaris - FF] Recruiting Jun Jin-Wa

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Kyle Katarn arrived on the resort world of Selvaris and got word from the locals on where to find the ronin Jedi guardian, Jun Jin-Wa. After a short trek, he arrived at a small hut once used by attendants to maintain the guardian shrine - apparently squatted by Jun. 


The peculiar smell hit him first, like a dying fire under the thick mist of the morning. Bodies were everywhere.


"I'm too late! Damn mercenaries! As if there weren't few enough Jedi--"


[Jin-Wa groans and spits...] Kyle looks up to see Jun looking down, Corellian Jackrum in hand. 

"Sith spit! Jun? I thought you were dead!"


Jun looks around bleary-eyed, and shoves one of the Iridonians away with his foot. He glances at the bottle, and finally remembers his manners.

"Katarn! 'Morning! What brings you to my...uhhh." He gestures vaguely at the hut. "Want anything? Drink?" He shakes the now empty bottle. "Wait--no... apologies."








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