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Recreation of Don Binney's 'Kotare Over Ratana Church, Te Kao' (1963)

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"Don Binney (1940 - 2012) needs little introduction to NZ art lovers so distinctive are his iconic paintings and drawings of birds and landforms. In a career spanning more than 40 years, his commitment to ornithology, environmental issues and spiritual connection with the land drove his art practice. His perspective on landforms was as distinctive as the symbolism of his stylised birds." - 


I've been working on this LEGO MOC for a couple of weeks, based on one of my favourite kiwi artist's most recognisable paintings. Took a break from this build to make the Gordon Walters one a couple of days ago, while I waited for a couple of pieces to arrive via Bricklink.  This MOC is made from 5 layers of bricks. I did buy a bunch of flexible pneumatic LEGO hose to do the curved black borders, but in the end abandoned that idea. The shadows due to the layers sort of create that effect. May revisit the tubing idea sometime in the future.

More images on my flickr profile.



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