[L15 - Kinyen - FF] Watchful Protector

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The VFS Sustainer, an MC-190A Battleship, protects Kinyen sovereignty by patrolling the system for encroaching hostile vessels. The agriworld of Kinyen—homeworld of the Gran—suffered greatly under Imperial rule for their rebellion. The planetary government has turned out to be a staunch ally of the Freedom Fighters and Followers of the Force, who share their ideals of peace, kinship, and community living. 

The blockade at Kinyen secures neutrality by blocking invasions from either the Empire or Republic into the other's space on the Great Gran Run.

The Followers of the Force have established a Blockade at Kinyen. 

(More photos to come! Happy New Year!)




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Certainly starting S1 with a bang!

Great shaping overall and I really like the greebled section.

I like the name Sustainer as well.

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