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[MOC] Blacksmith Shop (alternative model of 21325)

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What to do when wanting to build something for the classic-castle contest, time is running out, you’re away from your collection for a few days and the only LEGO set you brought is 21325.


I present to you my alternative model of #21325, the blacksmith, hope you like it.

Somethings were trickier than normally because the predefined bricks, but I liked the challenge and am fairly happy with the end result.

51787813729_e3bbc7c216_b.jpgBlacksmith Shop by Ids, on Flickr

51786373167_6dea557550_b.jpgBlacksmith Shop sides by Ids, on Flickr

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Very nicely built half-timbered house. A good alternative to the original. I like both variants.

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Posted (edited)

Looks great, considering it's an alternate build, the tiled base is especially cool to see on what can be done with the set parts.

Cart looks original as well using those windows as sides.

I certainly plan to scale down my set to smaller buildings, and this certainly helps inspiration :thumbup:

Edited by TeriXeri

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