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[OL-FB] The mine at World's End

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December 621, El  Oleonda, Somewhere near Fort Arltrees

After weeks of digging, the new gold mine of Fort Arltrees was now operating at full regime. As he walked by dozens of miners busy with their hard job, Marcel Dubois couldn't help but notice how close the place resembled an anthill... an appropriate comparison, since at least as many miners were working right below his feet, digging narrow tunnels in the rocky ground of El Oleonda.
At the last corner of the known world, at the very border of the map, citizens of Oleon were doing what they had always done: they were working hard and they were defending what they had earned, weapons in hand if necessary!


The director of the mine was already waiting for him, a case of gold ingots at his side, an armed man behind him. Marcel could have easily guessed the point even without that staging: the mine was important for the wealth of the Empire, but the military instability of El Oleonda still dampened investments from the motherland, and productive activities had to hire armed guards for safety. He had heard the same complaint at least a dozen of time, since civilian merchants had appeared on the island. Marcel took a deep breath and greeted the director... in these moments he almost missed the first days of the settlement, when he only had to deal with undisciplined soldiers or drunk trappers! 


As the director complained about the situation, Marcel tried with all his forces not to punch his face... how the hell could he "grant peace and stability, so that Fort Arltrees could finally flourish", if the surrounding joungle literally crawled with military units, bandits, stragglers and deserters?  


A several metres below, a team of miners were struggling against the hard quartz of El Oleonda, advancing inch after inch into the rich gold vein. 


Meanwhile, other miners carried to the surface the rock fragments, a monotonous, exhausting job. Until carts and rails are built, this difficult task will be done by dint of arms!




Overall view of the gallery - roof section removed


A closer look at Monsieur le Filon, the gold vein found near Fort Arltrees.



At ground level, the mineral is transported along wooden rails by heavy oxen carts...

51783773574_3fcf6f6424_b.jpg a small furnace, where gold is smelted out the rock fragments.



Overall view:



A gold mine for fort Arltrees, to complete the prospecting build I made months ago. I hope you like it!

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Very nice diorama! There's much to see.  A mine shaft, a carriage on rails pulled by an ox and a furnace to melt gold. Good selection of minifigures and an interesting story.

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Nice build and presentation! I especially like the two layered idea (above and below surface)! Minifig choice is once again top notch!

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Great build! I've always likes builds showing the entire working process of something and this is no exception. I really love that you can remove the ground and have a look at the actual mine below surface. Very cool feature!

The whole diorama feels alive and the difference between the "clean" and stately Oleonders from the motherland versus the "dirty" Fort Arltrees colonists is palpable, which adds to the story.

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Thank you all guys! It was fun to build, so I’m glad that you like it!

As in previous builds, I tried keeping Fort Arltrees a little “wilder” than other settlements, with inhabitants somewhere between Canadian trappers and Caribbean buccaneers, and I’m happy you noticed that!


Just to keep trace of the procedures, this was the prospection that found gold:


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I just found this post, and wow what a fantastic build. From minifigure design to the terrain to all those little intricacies. Well done

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