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The Queen celebrates her birthday on the 25th of December, many guest come to celebrate with her, even the dwarven king of Tondelheim.

On this bright moonlit night, many festivities are planned, however the queen isn't very impressed by the jester. 


Visit the Queen by moonlight by Ids, on Flickr

For a better view of the King and Queen:


The King of the Hill, over there, somewhere by Ids, on Flickr


Some background info, the scene is lit using 6 old 12V train lights, this gives the needed warm light for the scene. For the moonlight I used an old phone as a flashlight (nice white LED light) and for the candle on the table to the right, with the King and Queen, I used an exo-force "Fiber Optics Cable Wide 20L" which runs through the candle, table, and wall behind the figs, there it is lit using another flashlight.

The stained glass is build around an old Knights Kingdom panel, which was a bit difficult to incorporate because I did not want to use the piece that is normally used.

I used a bunch of animals, can you spot them all.

Thanks for looking and I am always happy to hear some comments.

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A great scene! It has lots of character and the minifigures exude their various personalities. Very cleverly lit and skillfully photographed. Thanks for sharing :thumbup:

Without clicking through to Flickr, I spot seven different animals: humans, dwarves, a cat, a mouse, a horse (in the second pic), and a spider and bat of unusual size.

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Great job with the lighting and also with those stained-glass windows.

But if that is the queen's mood on her birthday, I would not want to visit her when she's unhappy :laugh:

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