Custom Lego train MOC 30' CSX Caboose in 6 wide

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Hi all. Today I have a new MOC, it's a 30' CSX Cupola Caboose in 6 wide by 24 long. Anyway my childhood friend asked me to build this Caboose for his collection back in 2017 . This model contains 294 parts and  has a complete interior. H enjoyed my build and I hope you enjoy it also. I have instructions available for this model if anyone is interested. I also make Lego train MOCs for anyone who might want a new design. Have a great weekend everyone.

Caboose CSX MOC 6W Image (Lego Style) 2019 Final-1a1-min.jpg

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That's a really nice looking caboose! Even without the custom stickering, I think it'd be a very nice model. Do you have some photos of the interior you can share? 

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