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[F8 - Csilla - CA] Factions CMF Series 2 - the Warriors

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Factions CMF Series 2 - the Warriors

Chiss Warrior (ceremonial gear)

The ancient traditions of the Chiss are not without pomp and circumstance. 






Chiss Warrior (boarding party gear, with charric)

The Chiss love to gather intel. Sometimes that means taking a lot of risks to board a ship and destroy the crew man to man. 

Credit to Sam for the charric design and Dune inspiration.




Iridonian Warrior - the Imperial Consortium

Following the occupation of Iridonia by the Triumvirate, some found an avenue for more profitable ventures through the Imperial ranks. Now auxiliary troopers in a wider conflict, they can be found probing the borders of Imperial territory and throughout the Outer Rim.




New Republic Rangers - New Republic Starhawk Command

Cordell Walker is a veteran Texas Ranger who protects Dallas the New Republic from the bad guys and believes in dealing with them the old fashioned way (fighting them). He also works on instincts from the childhood he lived on an Indian a Tusken Reservation with his uncle Ray, after the death of his parents.





But wait... there's more... Bonus CMFs

51749352048_32068080a0_b.jpgSome kind of mechanic







A zany Alien from the Chaos (area around Chiss Space)








A fancy lad from the Followers of the Force







A mysterious alien...







Full Series Below



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I like that fancy lad. Seems like he could have some really unique stories in the Outer Rim.

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