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[F8 - Csilla - CA] Factions CMF Series 2 - the Fleet

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Factions CMF Series 2 - the Fleet

Chiss Expansionary Defense Force Fleet Flag Officer (combat gear)

The Chiss Ascendancy is protected by the ever watchful CEDF. Flag Officers are ceremonially stripped of their family ties and name to serve the entire Ascendancy. To attack a CEDF Flag Officer is to declaration of war on the Chiss people, and grounds for complete annihilation. 




Chiss CEDF Salvage Technician (zero-G gear)

The Chiss are always thirsty for new technology, from their neighbors, enemies, and beyond, to maintain their military superiority. Salvage crews can make quick work of the most obscure space debris.





New Republic Starhawk Command Crewman (with mouse droid)

The honored Rebellion made way for a fearless batch of recruits to the New Republic Fleet. Knowing the cost of tyranny, these noble warriors ceaselessly guard against any growing Imperial threat.




CorSec Technician (with TR-ED)

Tired of rolling over toes, TR-ED found the right CS technician to build him a slimmer profile so he could stay close to the action.






Full Series Below



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Good job! I see something familiar in TR-ED... I also really like the birb!

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Love that yellow holopad for the Chiss. Such a simple part usage, but so effective! We also had the same idea for using Benny's legs on the blue uniform :thumbup:

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