[S4 - Cantonica - DC] Star Wars Factions: Collectible Minifigure series 1

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Factions CMF

Factions: Collectable Minifigure series figures will be dropping never, in a store nowhere near you! Collect them all, from scoundrels to masters!


Figure lineup 

1. Jedi grandmaster Luke Skywalker

2. Imperial Consortium stormtrooper

3. IG-74 mercenary droid, employed by the Black Sun syndicate

4. Chiss martial arts trainee

5. New Republic Starhawk command fleet officer 

6. CorSec dropper, fighting for the memory of his lost world

7. Pentastar Alignment field commander

8. Imperial Consortium riot trooper

9. Mando'ade hell-jumper 

10. Dark Covenant Blademaster Zgar

11. Pentastar patrol gunnery trooper

12. Dark Covenant zealot 

13. CorSec infiltrator commando

14. Stygian Calderra Society operative 

15. Black Sun headhunter 

16. New Republic senator

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Suuuperb. I love that they're all so visually distinct. I feel like a few are visually dark, but maybe that's just because they're mostly black haha. The bases really bring it all to life.

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Some of them are a little hard to see, but I really like them.

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