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[MOC] Apartment Block House

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Hi everyone,

Here's my latest building, a house consisting of multiple blocks in different styles, containing the Lego apartment sets (and more), at the foot of a little mountain that is yet to be built:


51743210802_1c8a7db801.jpg 51744926010_3cc56d6def_w.jpg

Let's look inside. There's a tool shop on the left and model toy shop on the right:


The tool shop's back room is for special customers only...

Downstairs combines a (probably unlicenced) bar (a Star Wars set), a bathroom (a Harry Potter set), and the tool shop owner's apartment (a Marvel set with added bedroom), as well as more of the model shop:

The model shop has a good selection for model train fans. (The trains are mostly from older City advent calendars.)

Second floor combines a modified Seinfeld apartment and one decorated mostly with leftover furnitures from other sets:

Third floor contains the Friends apartments, squeezed a bit. A strange combination with one shared bathroom, big living rooms with kitchens, but they have to sleep on the sofas...

Top floor houses a (rearranged) Queer Eye apartment:

In its place behind the older small houses:
51744280838_0c836d3d92.jpg 51744280868_d6bebc8fd4.jpg

My original idea was to have the blocks go all way along the long side, with long staircase and only one apartment per floor, but that was way too big and too dominant:
51743210857_bda42eeeec_w.jpg 51743210832_5a442d7924_w.jpg
So I had to make it consist of smaller blocks and 1-2 floors lower, which also allowed me to add two more colors and styles.

» Album on Flickr


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What a hodge podge mess. A beautiful mess. :tongue: I love all the different styles smushed together & made into a cohesive building. Great interior details & rock work as well. 

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