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Feuer Zug

[GBW] - Presentation - People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Eaststeinovania (PDSRE) - National Flag

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The glorious flag of the People Democratic Socialist Republic of Eaststeinovania (PDSRE). This outstanding banner has a field of red symbolizing the blood of the glorious martyred minifigs of the glorious revolution. The black represents the iron used to throw off the yoke of the imperialist pig-dogs. The purity of our glorious cause is represented by the white. Finally, the pick highlights the egalitarian struggles of the common minifig and the most prevalent tool used across our glorious lands.


Here we gaze upon our glorious PDSRE banner flying high above the hallowed ground where the fallen from our glorious victories were laid to rest.

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2 hours ago, Brickwolf said:

Good flag and really nicely built cemetery, sort of sobering.


2 hours ago, SATSOK said:

Well made flag !!!
Your text ROCKS ... one more time

love it :pir-love:


44 minutes ago, ParmBrick said:

A very good flag here! Love the symbolism :thumbup:

Thank you all. What is a flag after all, if not a symbol of a nation. I checked out previous posts and most here explained their flag, so I felt it would be fitting for my build.

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