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Darth Bjorn

[R6 - Galidraan - SCS] Hunters of buried treasures CMF

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From left to right:

  • Mando'ade Lore Guardian: These lone wolves among the Mandalorians devote themselves to hunting and preserving the lore of their ancestors.
  • Mando'ade Relic Hunter: A Mandalorian bounty hunter specialised in tracking down ancient artefacts and relics.
  • Bounty Hunter and Archaeologist hired by the Stygian Caldera Society: Think old Indiana Jones working for the bad guys.
  • Relic Hunter Ronin hired by the Stygian Caldera Society: Inspired by the protagonist from Star Wars Visions Ep. 1, The Duel. A ruthless lightsaber-wielding bounty/relic hunter employed by a mysterious sponsor in the leadership of the Stygian Caldera Society.
  • Imperial Consortium miner: Inspired by the mine workers seen in the Imperial Facility on Morak in the Mandalorian S1E7. These miners was put to work on hundreds of mining worlds and colonies in the Imperial dominion.


My take on another faction in the Star Wars galaxy. Members of the Scrappers Guild, operating on Bracca, seen in the Bad Batch, and Jedi: Fallen Order.

Fron left to right: Rodian crew supervisor, Rodian welder, Hazard Zone welder, Pantoran foreman, Neimoidian cutter, Scrap runner, Gran welder, Sullustan engineer.


I'm a fan of the smaller gritty factions of the Star Wars universe. The scrappers guild on Bracca, is brilliant world-building, and I'd love to do more with these sometime. Let me know what you think.

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On 12/6/2021 at 12:10 AM, Brickwolf said:

Superb figs, my favourite is the consortium miner..

Thanks - I'm definitely going to be doing more with him.

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