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Leaders Bewere: The Wulf-Tang Clan

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I'm reposting my entry for Brickscalibur here, the Monarchic Minifigures category - photo, text and reading!

The build:

Leaders Bewere: The Wulf-Tang Clan

The story:

Were-beast hierarchies were notoriously fickle;

leaders changed with the moon phase: wax, wane or sickle.

The Wulf-Tang Clan was one such curious case;

led by Matriarch Wulf, firm grip on the royal mace.


Rip, Fang and Wrinkle, her loyal sons three;

keeping them in line? Certainly not free:

Pay for the damage when Rip fought in bars;

Pay off the victims whose tongues Fang kept in jars;

Pay for the tools as Wrinkle read the moon and stars.


A change in the guard, though, when the harvest moon come:

as Runt took over as leader of the pack,

with his running mate Ocker watching his back.


Sweet Lily, too, had ambition for the peak;

Trice already she’d eliminated the weak.

A lick of charm, males ate from her mitten;

Runt, especially, reduced to a kitten.

What she couldn’t obtain with just feminine wiles,

Lily removed with a drop from her poisoned vials.


Regardless of whoever was leader day-by-day,

everybeast knew don’t cross were-coon Fay.

As den-mother, her power was wide;

Get on her wrong side? Your tail was fried!


But one thing was true across all the moon’s phases,

the bottom of the heap was reserved for tree grazers;

Were-beaver serfs – they might not be free,

but leaders beware … they could still fell the family tree.


The poet's reading:

If you like to hear the bard's own reading of this story, there is a sound file available on the Brickscalibur Discord server here. I don't think I can upload to here directly (or to Flickr).

Build notes: 


Not too many notes this time.

  • The Wulf-Tang Clan is based in Avalonia's Enchanted Forest but I kept that out of the narrative given the competition isn't a GOH one. 
  • "Ocker" is of course a term for a rough-mannered Australian, which seemed appropriate for the Tasmanian Devil minifig.
  • I like the minibuild for a fire brazier in front of Fay. It uses a piece from the Vidiyo transparent box, and debuted in my build Hot pools on the hunt.
  • The older werebeaver first appeared as a cameo in my Notomys: Fish Tales build. 
  • Keep an eye out for the tile held by Matriarch Wulf - it'll play a role in a future build. :classic:


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How creative - both the minifigs, their backstory, and the poem itself! I've listened to it on Discord (and learned quite a lot of new english words). I especially like Lily, who indeed looks so sweet...but definitely is not. 


And I immediately noticed the teal tile!


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These are some neat figs, I enjoy the beavers especially!  Fun way to present them with a poem too!

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Thanks both! I really appreciate the comments. Using so many of those large modified headpieces posed challenges for a figbarf category as many of the torsos are covered. I may take a pic of the backs as well, as Tassie at least has some nice detail there. The poem wasn't in my original plan, but it evolved and the figs and their accessories evolved with it. The detail I am most proud of? The blue tongue in Fang's jar! And what a nasty hook to obtain it...

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Well, with were-beasts you could be on top at noon but at the bottom come full moon. 

(An early line that didn’t make the final cut 😁)

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