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Lego School MOC

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I have been thinking to post this one up in individual post - or should I need to post it under my town project

But after I have seen the City School in 2022, I decide to create a new post about my school

Background of this project - as I still love the 80s and 90s styles town buildings - also after I read the Lego Design Book 200 in 1985. I have been dreaming to build a school in my town/city.

Lego friends had been released 2 schools before this year and I never think it would suit for the my town layout. However when I see the Friends school this year - 41682, the colour and the design looks classic town so I decided to create my school in my town.

I have bought 2 sets of 41682 + some of the friends earlier sets + some dots series + minimum additional bricks (like go back to "close top roof") to create a 4-level, 8 classroom school - and turn it back to Town style of school

Please have a look... and hope you guys will enjoy my classic + model idea for the school







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