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Abbreviated review: 60293 Stunt Park

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The new Stuntz theme has not really caught my eye, but I budged today, and bought set 60293 on deep discount.

Two instructions (unnumbered), two numbered bags, and an unnumbered bag with all the big pieces. 

I am not really familiar with the whole Stuntz setting, but this looks straight out of the game Fallout, with depilated buildings, and mutated giant spiders. 

The girl rides the bike, and holds a baseball bat. Why? Is she goint to smack a pinãta? Or is she fighting the spider? Or is she going to take down the competition, Cloned Elvis??

And I am not sure, that many parents will want to have their kids go around in ruins and fight dangerous animals...

Thats the problem with this set in my eyes: it dont really know what it want to be, so it tries to be several things at once. 

If the setting had been a normal skatepark, without the giant spider, it could have been a nice set. 

Now, to the good things: the bricks. No stickers, so both the "Caution"-sign, and the spider-sign, are printed. And so are the two wooden boards! So LEGO still produces printed boards - why is so many other sets using stickers for that???

There are two half road plates, two slopes, and of course the new pull-back bike. 

Two minifigures, a suburban wannabe Harley Quinn, and a cloned Elvis. 

Nice outfits on both - as far as I know both torsos might be unique? The girl has a pink top with purple spiderweb-design, and SPORT printed on the back. Cloned Elvis has a dark green jacket with a red eagle design on the back.

The different parts of the set are all separate, so the bike can knock down the doorway, the walls, the flames, the barrels, the cones. 

So, in my very biased opinion: 

Playability: 9/10 (lots of things to knock over, if thats what you like to do)

Parts: 7/10 (many big parts, but some nice printed bricks)

Minifigs: 9/10 

Price: not sure, as I got my set on discount

Overall: 5/10 - as the set itself dont really make any sence. 






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