[MOC] Fabulous Unicorn for Lego Ideas

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I made this unicorn MOC as a submission to Lego Ideas. I don't think it has a chance, though, based on the number of votes so far. :-)



I think maybe it's way too big and/or has too many pieces?

Any tips from seasoned Lego Ideas submitters on what to think about in Lego Ideas submission?

Here's the submission entry:

 - Fabulous Unicorn on Lego Ideas


Best regards,

Stein :-)

Edited by SteinHDan

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Awesome build! Very well done! I'm already supporting your project on LEGO Ideas.

I'm not sure I have much to offer in ways of suggestions, my project is struggling too.  Best thing to do is trying to promote your design outside of the LEGO communities as well. You might get some support from horse/unicorn communities in social media

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