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Hello everyone, let me introduce my latest creation. Ever since I get 42093 corvette I had an idea to disassemble it and use all this parts to create something playable and offroad capable.



This 1:15 model of legendary F-150 truck was made with Power Functions elements and Sbrick for future truck trial competion or just for indoor fun (because of the weight (1250 g) I think this is not very competitive truck). It was a long project for me because of time constraints so I had started it before LEGO release their bigger one. This model has 4WD transmission with 2 L-motors driving each axle separetly (driving ratio - 3,5:1), servo motor for steering.


Front suspension is independent double wishbone, rear is live axle with panara link.

The model has openable doors, sunroof, hood and tailgate.



Instructions in pdf were made in Stud io (my first experience with this software so it took a long time). Link for instructions:

Also I created some additional color options with available parts. I hope to add instructions for those and the video with the orignal orange one later.



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Congrats! Your MOC is better than the lego set! 4-wheel drive is a big benefit to have! And it has a remote control with even a smaller size! Fantastic!


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Hello everyone! This is my second MOC with digital instructions: Bowler EXR-S. It uses the same Power Functions setup as in previous model (2 L-motors + servo motor), and it has more simple drivetrain compare to my previous F-150 build. Independent suspension front and rear (front suspension is the same of F-150). Openable doors and hood, and very simple interior. This project is pure digital for me because I dont have all neccesary parts in right color to build real one.
Free PDF instructions for the white version are available for download on Rebrickable site( Future updates will come soon.






Orange version (work in progress)


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