Chiss Clawcraft

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51707288554_62eccb669a_k.jpgLego Chiss Nssis-Class Clawcraft Type B by LukeSkybuilder, on Flickr


51707505060_d52717f34e_k.jpgLego Chiss Nssis-Class Clawcraft Type B by LukeSkybuilder, on Flickr


The ball cockpit design is based on Inthert and Brick Feeder's design but modified on the back end and a tiny bit all around. The wings are only attached by 3 studs so this is a very delicate model mostly made for show (not swooshable sadly :( ).

I had planned on making it to 1/37 scale so match my other starfighters (and to be accurate minifigure scale) but it was just a little to long (by about 6 studs as the total is about 40 studs when it should be 34ish). However, I have justified to myself because: 1. it looks good and feels more accurate then the cannon (for Expanded Universe) length, and 2. In one of the guide books (i belive that is where the cannon length number was from) the picture is missing the tail end (which is the 6 studs that fall outside of the cannon length) and in the books it is mentioned that they end up upgrading some of the craft for independent long distance travel and deployment with non-Chiss forces. I figure that the tail was added on the Type B of the fighter (which my ship is made to represent). 

The K-Wing Bomber (I'm working on that model as well :) ) was similarly treated in the same guidebook and the artwork is a Type B for that one (it is VERY inaccurate and modified from the original description in the books).

I figure that the Clawcraft shown in that guide is a Type A which has no tail, is dependent on a capital ship for hyperspace navigation, has no torpedo complement and is the cheaper higher production version.

The Type B (my model here) has a build in nav-computer, missile/torpedo tubes (I did not represent them on the model), landing gear (I couldnt find a single picture of what it looks like or where it deploys from so I excluded that as well), and to fit all these extra systems has the "tail".

I really like how the render turned out with the glowing effect :)


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16 minutes ago, LEGODrongo01 said:

The roundness and smoothness of this is most impressive

Thanks it was a little tricky to do it while making sure everything was actually attached together XD


Thanks all for the wonderful comments I appreciate them!

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