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Hello from Germany

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Hello everyone,

I'm 38 and i live in Lower Saxony, Germany.

I actually got back to LEGO through Youtube. My Dark Ages lasted almost 20 years.

In autumn 2019, a video of a german LEGO youtuber was suggested to me on YouTube. I then watched videos for entertainment for a few months until I said to myself in spring 2020: "damn, I'll buy the freight train!".

As a child I never had a LEGO train because it was always considered too expensive for a toy for my parents back then.

A little later I discovered the modulars! I had never heard of them before ... And then my dark years were definitely over ... and so I bought and built the Diner.

Then I wanted to start my own layout. I was then faced with the choice between city, knights, pirates and Star Wars.

I then discarded City because I had missed so many modulars. Knights and Pirates have not many sets nowadays... So it became Star Wars!

Nowadays i use LEGO sets for cannibalizing or buy them for the minifigs and not a single official set is set assembled anymore.

What annoys me is that I missed the LEGO Star Wars sets for Solo and TFA. The Dark Ages ...

My favorite set, however, is stil the latest burrow from Harry Potter. Great set. Well, it is already dismantled like the other sets.

But my biggest problem is my little old digital camera. It was already bad 11 years ago when i bought it and the photos look awful :sceptic:

I've been lurking these forums for years and now it was time to get an account.

kind regards :classic:


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Welcome! nice story you have.
Yes ultimately you have to choose a theme or themes that would be your main, not only for display but to acquire.
I would love to collect and build in many but the wallet and time are the limit.
Dont worry about the sets you missed, you will eventually get them or build them.
Enjoy EB. :classic:

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