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[GBW] - Battle of E5 - Plighia - Have Mercy

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The advance east of the PSIC forces is unstoppable, now the allied forces aim for the nearby airport, and in doing so conduct numerous raids with drones against every enemy post and checkpoint along the roads leading to the aforementioned airport. Now the AoDs find themselves being called into battle, in quadrant E5, to conduct the "cleaning" operation of the areas affected by the raids.





* BANG *


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4 hours ago, Brickwolf said:

Well built devastation!

Thank you! Glad you like it! :thumbup:

2 hours ago, SATSOK said:

Nice diorama :)

Loved the burned trees 

Thank you too! it was a nice touch, to make the scene as realistic as possible :wink:

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You earned 20 bucks for the build and 5 for the square per month. 

For clearing this area, the Fenris Group has offered there services to you at no charge for one time. Please contact @ODA 401 to discuss. 

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