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Hi! I'm kinda new to eurobricks and want to create a place to post my Alternatives. 

But first i want to introduce myself. My name is Ilya and i'm an AFoL from Ukraine. I enjoy building alt models from creator and speed champions sets. Recently i started to build C-models using Lego Technic. So i decided to create a topic to inform people here about my new Lego technic projects. I would also really like to hear any ideas or criticism for the builds. Thank you for your attention!

You can also check all my social accounts for my other works if you're interested. Link 

I will post my works here gradually adding content for the topic. So i would like to start with some fresh content. I also started a YT channel here is my latest video i added today:


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1 hour ago, whitepen said:

I love your alt models!

Thanks! I try to keep up with the trends to offer more interesting content and most importanly give myself a challenge on creating something cool from a limited ammount of parts.

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