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1 point for 5. Kai NRG  -Size and detail wise truly a wonder!

1 point for 6. Servertijd  -Great atmosphere overall!

3 points for 8. Aurore  -Truly stunning statue and the action scenes for the sake of storytelling makes what I love about the Guilds!

1 point for 10. MKJosha -Everything breaths Dwarf, treasures, statues, fortifications. Great stuff!

1 point for 11. Kahir88  -Those large books, very creative!

1 point for 13. Henjin  -Great rockwork and solid building with a touch of fp.

1 point for 15. W. Navarre  -Stunning architecture!


Apologies for the delay, no further excuses just the results. The winner was quite popular, so was @Aurore again being second. Though having won the CMF Challenge, second place will go to the next runner-up!

1st place: @Kai NRG

2nd place: @Servertijd

Make sure to contact me for shipping info!:classic::thumbup:





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