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FACTIONS: Introduction and Rules

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MKJoshA here, just hijacking the first comment for an announcement. We are taking a break from Factions here on EB. We hope to have a new RPG up and running soon. If you're interested in helping let me, MKJoshA, know.




Star Wars Factions: A Galaxy Divided is a community RPG Strategy game where a variety of diverse Factions expand and explore the galaxy by posting LEGO builds. 
The game is designed to be as accessible as possible to new players while also offering deep gameplay mechanics. You will find stories to tell, friends to be made, and battles to be won. 

After the fall of the Empire, the New Republic works tirelessly to bring peace from the Core Worlds. But vacuums of power are everywhere, and the galaxy is ripe for action and adventure.

Primary SWFactions storytelling is set around 10 ABY, basically concurrent with Season 2 of the Mandalorian. However, SWFactions is about freedom to build what you want: builds can be set in any era, from the Old Republic to the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War. 

What is a Faction?
Your Faction is the team you play the game with. Each Faction has its own flavor and is led by a Faction Leader. The full posts for each Faction are on the Eurobricks Factions forum.

How does the game work?
Players post builds, earning XP and taking territory for their faction. Every build you post will give your Faction IP (Influence Points) on the appropriate system. Once a Faction earns 50 IP on a system, they gain control and open up new territory. Most builds earn 1-10 IP, so teamwork and collaboration often win the day.

Getting Started
Choose a Faction, create a Eurobricks account, and send a message to the Faction Leader asking to join, either on Eurobricks or Discord. Your Faction Leader will walk you through the next steps.

Welcome to the Galaxy
That's the basic overview of the game. While the initial learning curve can feel steep, it quickly levels out, and the bulk of the strategy is on the shoulders of your Faction Leader. They will be glad to help you get involved as much (or as little) as you want. The benefit of the game's depth is that it provides a rewarding experience where you can have an enormous impact on the state of the galaxy.
The full rules are below. Feel free to ask if you have any questions! Factions is a place to grow as a builder and enjoy a community of like-minded Star Wars fans.

Just build a Star Wars MOC, post it for your Faction, and tell your stories in a galaxy far, far away.

Join the Discord!

Core Rules

The main goals of the Factions RPG:

  • To be a community of amazing Star Wars builds, world-building, and story-telling.
  • To encourage building unique MOCs in an open universe.
    • Builds are not restricted to single avatars, canonical timeframes, or well established Systems. 
    • Episodes and Challenges are meant to help Factions focus their efforts and provide a general storyline to keep the game moving.


How to Play:

  1. Create your build/moc (My Own Creation).
  2. Photograph your build, write a fitting background story, and post your entry to the SWFactions forum (remember to include the prefix [Square - System - Faction] in your title - see example below). 
    Example: [L7 - Ord Mantell - CE] Trouble in Smugglers Paradise
  3. Remember to submit your entry, for scoring, by filling out this form.
  4. You will earn your XP and IP after the judges have scored your entry (typically one to two weeks). Public Score Sheet



Conquest (The Main Game)title-conq2.jpg

Winning the main game is decided by which faction controls 50 Victory Points (VP) throughout the galaxy, and completes the Victory Objective first.

Victory Points (VP): VP is a symbol which, for the purposes of the game, indicates the value of a specific system, whether that be economic, strategic, cultural, spiritual, or some combination of the former. A VP System holds either 1VP, 2VP, or 3VP. Not every system is a VP system.

  • VPs are found by exploring their host system (described below in “Controlling the Map”).
    • When a faction explores a system, any VPs in that system are revealed.
    • Found VPs are only revealed to the Faction discovering the VPs.
    • VPs can also be publicly announced and awarded by the GMs, typically through Episodes or other challenges.
    • Publicly announced VPs can be seen in this pinned topic.
  • VPs are controlled by controlling the host system (described below in “Controlling the Map”).
  • Systems that hold more than one VP, require an additional 50IP to take control of each additional VP. To control all 3 VP in a system that holds 3 VP, a Faction must earn 150IP on the system.

Victory Objective: Once a Faction controls 50+ VPs, they will be given a Victory Objective that they must complete in order to win the game. The objective is to secure and control all systems in a specific grid. This objective must be completed within 60 days. If the objective is not completed within the 60 days, a new objective will be given to the Faction. The Victory Objective is public, which means any other Faction can choose to either assist or thwart the Faction's victory.

If a Faction completes the Victory Objective, that faction is the winner of SWFactions Qoncuest, the main game. The winning faction recieves 1000 IP that may be used as that faction sees fit. Any subsequent faction, decided by most VPs controlled, will earn 500 IP, 250 IP, and 125 IP, respectively. When the Conquest game have been won by a faction, the game continues, and another main-game challenge will be announced.


Episodes are the primary build event of the Factions RPG. With regular intervals (usually bi-monthly), an episode will progress the overall storyline of the Factions RPG. Special rules and conditions will apply to each Episode.

title_ltc.jpg Limited Time Challenge

As the name says, a LTC is a challenge that runs for a few weeks, usually with a double XP/IP reward. LTCs are often subject to a theme, topic, or a certain technique constraint (e.g. a theme like 'land speeders', a topic like 'sand', or a technique constraint like 'color red').

Era Buildstitle_erabuilds.jpg

Era Builds are an opportunity to earn extra IP, while building iconic scenes on famous worlds from the Star Wars galaxy, regardless of access. Era Builds lets the builders revisit four of the peak eras in Star Wars history: The Old Republic, The Clone Wars, The Galactic Civil War, and The Final Order, are all available for builders to recreate, or rediscover some of the most famous scenes from the Star Wars galaxy.

Era Builds also offer an opportunity to build on new planets from Star Wars lore that have not yet been added to the map (e.g. Pillio from Star Wars: Battlefront II, or Zeffo from Jedi: Fallen Order).


To complete an Era Build challenge you (and any collaborating builders) must:

  • Build minimum three builds located in the specified system, in the given Era.
  • All builds must be posted together at the beginning of a new thread.
  • Each build will be judged as a separate build, so each builder must submit a form.
  • You will also receive a bonus for completing the Era Build in the form of an XP and IP bonus equal to the average scores of your builds.
    Example: Three builds score 8, 5, and 11 respectively. You would earn 24 XP and IP for the three builds, and 8 XP and IP as your bonus. This would bring the total to 32 XP and IP earned. 

IPs earned from Era Builds

  • IP earned through Era Builds may be placed on the Era Build system (if the Faction has access to that system).
  • The Faction Leader may move IPs earned to a grid where they control minimum one other system.
    Example: If Faction A earns 40 IP from an Era Build on Coruscant, which they can access through a hyperspace lane, Faction Leader A can choose to place that IP on Coruscant, or use it on a system in a grid where the faction already control one other system.

Faction Leaders must post the coordinates of the system they wish to place the earned IP on, prior to the builds being judged. The builds must also be assigned to this system, when completing the Build Submittal Form. IPs transferred may not be undone, or changed once judging begins. If a Faction loses control of their system in the grid they are placing the IP or the Era Build system, any IP will be forfeited.

  • Each topic should have the appropriate heading: [Grid - System - Faction][Era] Topic Title
    Example: [R6 - Felucia - TT][Clone Wars Era] Battle Droid Take-Down
  • Each player can only complete each Era Build once per system.
  • Each faction can have as many individuals participate as possible.
  • Members of different factions can collaborate on Era Builds, but IP may only be earned by one Faction (assigned by the heading title and Submittal Forms).
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Era Build bonus may be used with other bonuses.

An Era Build must feature one of the Systems and the associated Era, from the list below:

Era System
Final Order Exegol, Ajan Kloss, Kijimi, Pasaana, Ilum, D’Qar, Cantonica, Takodana, Batuu, Crait, Mustafar, Ahch-To, Jakku
Galactic Civil War Ilum, Scarif, Jedha, Tatooine, Yavin 4, Hoth, Bespin, Dagobah, Endor, Zeffo, Bracca, Vardos, Jakku, Sullust, Mustafar, Mimban, Kashyyyk, Lothal, Kessel
Clone Wars Coruscant, Utapau, Mustafar, Naboo, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Onderon, Umbara, Felucia, Jabiim, Mandalore, Dathomir, Mygeeto, Muunilinst, Geonosis, Christophsis
Old Republic Alderaan, Tython, Dromund Kaas, Korriban, Taris, Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant, Ord Mantell, Belsavis, Makeb, Hutta




Missions are a challenge that is always available to builders. Missions take many different forms. Below are the different types of missions. Consult the missions board in order to choose from active missions.


Bounty Missions

“A death mark’s not an easy thing to live with.”
―Carlist Rieekan

At any time you can pick up a Bounty on a quarry. A bounty provides you with a bounty puck, and a tracking forb. The bounty puck displays the wanted quarry, and the tracking forb will provide the last known location (system) of the quarry.

  • You must post one build showing your bounty hunter on the system revealed by the tracking forb.
    • If your build scores more than 5XP, the exact location of your quarry will be revealed to you.
  • In order to capture your quarry, you must post another build showing your bounty hunter engaging or capturing the quarry.
    • If that build earns 5XP or more, you have successfully completed the Bounty mission.
  • Whatever XP your second Bounty mission entry earns, your faction will receive that many IP to place in a system accessible to your faction.

Bounty Example:

Bounty Puck: Han Solo (male human, smuggler).
Tracking Forb: Bespin (K18)

Scouting Missions

“There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser.”
―Han Solo

At any time you can launch a Scouting mission. You could be scouting for a new world to settle, or assessing whether a system would be a good place to establish a base of operation. A successful scouting mission will allow you to discover systems (reveal any hidden assets, victory points or other hidden bonuses) that would be otherwise inaccessible to you. 

Phase 1 - Prepare for the Scouting Mission

  • You must post a build, showing scouts from your faction, preparing for your scouting mission. 
  • You must include the name of the system, you want to scout, in your title.
  • If your build scores more than 10XP, your preparations were successful, and you’ve made it to the system (phase 2) you want to scout.
  • If preparations for your scouting mission were made in a system you have access to, you earn IP in that system.

Phase 2 - Scouting the System

  • You must post up to three builds of your scouts investigating, exploring, or getting familiar with the system.
  • In order to scout the system, your build(s) must collectively score 10XP + XP equal to, or higher, than what IP may already be in the system.
  • Phase 2 builds does not earn IP.

More missions will be added...



Assets are valuable sites, objects, or beings, that grant a Faction special bonuses.

Assets provide special bonuses to the Factions that control them. Once your Faction controls a System with an Asset, they will be given the bonus and the find will be announced to the other Factions. If the asset is bound to the system, other Factions can steal that bonus by taking control of the Asset's host system. Rules about Assets in the tab below.


Bonuses may include (but not limited to) IP Multiplier Boosts, free IP on a System, special access to a distant System, secret hyperspace routes, exploration data, or whatever the GMs can come up with.

Imperial Code Cylinder: These security rank cylinders contained coded information about their bearers and granted them access to secure areas. An Imperial Code Cylinder allows your faction to post one build, on any system within Imperial Remnant Space.

Death Star Plans: You may build a Space Station at half the IP cost.

Captain's Medallion: Allows you to make one build on a blockaded system.

Jedi Star Compass: The Jedi Star Compass allows you to make a hyperspace jump to any system in the galaxy. When using the hyperspace jump, you may post one build on the system you chose to travel to.




Earning and Using XP/IP

Each build posted by a player receives a score, which is converted into Experience Points, and Influence Points.


Experience Points (XP): is tied to the player. XP tracks experience in the game.
Influence Points (IP): are tied to the player's Faction. IP tracks the influence a Faction has on a System.

Each build a player submits can earn up to 50 XP. The average build will earn 1-10 XP. Builds that stand out can earn 11-30 XP. Builds that show an immense amount of skill and effort can earn 31-50 XP.

Earning XP and IP: For every XP a player earns, their faction will earn an IP in accessible Systems (see accessibility rules in the Map section, below). Each build submitted by a player will need to have a System assigned to show where it takes place. Space builds can be assigned to the System they are nearest to in space. The XP earned by these builds will earn IP for that specific System if it is accessible to the Faction.

Scoring/Judging Builds: Builds will be scored and points will be earned throughout (roughly) one month judging periods. Judges will try to judge builds as soon as possible, and points will be awarded as they do, but you should not expect your build to be judged in less than a month. If you build is not judged by that time, check with your Faction Leader and make sure you correctly completed the Submittal Form. 

XP/IP will be earned in the order that it is posted. If two Factions are trying to control the same System, the Faction that posts 50IP in builds first will take the planet, regardless of when the builds are judged or forms are submitted. If a builder takes advantage by posting a WIP early in an Episode, GMs may timestamp the post so it is clear when the full build was posted.



Each Faction is led by a Faction Leader, a player with 150 XP or more.

Faction Leaders (150+ XP) are responsible for establishing the aesthetic and storyline for their Faction. Faction Leaders should designate one or more "2nd-in-command(s)" to assist them in leading their Faction and who may take over as the Faction Leader if necessary. Faction Leaders are expected to encourage the most accurate Star-Wars-aesthetic and help create engaging storylines.

Faction Members (0-149 XP) must pledge allegiance to, and be accepted by one of the Faction Leaders. If a Faction Member earns 150 XP, they do not automatically become a leader of their own Faction. They must make that change on their own, in their own time, by starting their own Faction post establishing and describing their Faction. A player with 150 XP can also decide to simply continue as a Faction Member.

Faction Members earn Experience Points (XP) for every build. When they build on a System accessible to their Faction, the Faction also earns the same number in Influence Points (IP). When the member builds anywhere else, he still earns XP, but the Faction earns no IP. Faction leaders are responsible for knowing where their members can build, and who cannot build in their territory. Faction members are not required to build only in accessible areas, that's just how the Faction earns IP.

Faction Recruits may transfer Factions without approval from their current Faction Leader. Any IP earned for their previous Faction will stay with the Faction. Badges or other items associated with their previous Faction may be forfeited. Faction members may also build for other Factions (with the approval of the other Faction Leader) and remain a member of their current Faction.

Starting a New Faction

Once a Faction Recruit reaches 150 XP and decides to start their own Faction, they may choose to reclaim any IP they earned for any current or previous Faction to start their new Faction. Of the reclaimed IP, up to 50 IP may be removed to another System, so that the new Faction may have at least one System with which to start their Faction. If a new Faction Leader decides not to reclaim any portion of their IP from their former Factions, the new Faction will be given 50 IP to use anywhere on the map. New Factions can only reclaim IP once, and no IP may be reclaimed after the 50 free IP is taken. Reclaimed IP is deducted from the former Faction's holdings. 

Factions will start the game according to the Initial Map Set-Up rules below. As Faction Recruits join the game, they may reclaim Factions [1.0] XP according to the rules described below. Any reclaimed XP must be converted and used within 1 month of the Faction Recruits first build, or that XP is forfeited. Factions may not reclaim any Faction Recruit XP until that Faction Recruit has posted their first build. To submit reclaimed XP, the Faction Leader must fill out the Submittal Form, for each Faction Recruit with the amount and target System for the IP.

Inactive Faction Leaders

If a Faction Leader resigns or becomes inactive, his designated "2nd-in-command" may petition the GMs to take provisional control of the Faction. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If the Faction Leader resigns, full control may be given to the new Faction Leader. If the Faction Leader becomes inactive without notice, control of the Faction may be given to the "2nd-in-command" until that Faction Leader returns.

  • Provisional Faction Leaders may only transfer IP earned after they were given provisional control or IP earned by active recruits, with the consent of those recruits.
  • Faction Leaders by inheritance (consent given by the resigning Faction Leader), may transfer any IP earned by the Faction, rename the Faction, and take creative control of the Faction's story and membership requirements.
  • Once a Faction Leader has created a Faction, they may not create a new Faction, but they may build for any Faction that will accept them. Accepting a Faction by inheritance will be treated as the creation of a Faction. 
  • As stated in the Diplomacy section above, Faction Leaders may transfer IP freely except IP gained in the initial map set up may not be transferred to another Faction in a different Regional Group unless ratios are adjusted.
    Example: SCS and DC are in the same Regional Group, so they may transfer any IP in that Region; but FF may not transfer their Region's IP to NRSC unless it is reduced to the 10:1 ratio NRSC would have had to use to gain the IP in the initial map setup.
  • To dissolve a Faction, the Faction Leader (by inheritance or as the initial creator) may gift IP to another Faction.

Interaction and Diplomacy

Faction Leaders may:

  • Transfer IP to other Factions.
    • Transfers may only be made by reassigning whole builds. So, if Player 1 builds for Faction A and earns 15 IP, Faction A could transfer that 15 IP build to Faction B, but Faction A could not choose just 10 IP of the 15 IP to transfer.
    • Transfers may only be made once per Faction. So, Faction A could not transfer 15 IP to Faction B, just to get that IP back and transfer it to Faction C. However, Faction B could transfer the 15 IP to Faction C. Once a Faction transfers IP to another Faction, they have no control over that IP going forward.
    • If a Faction Recruit starts a new Faction, they may reclaim IP from previous factions or IP that was transferred from their current Faction to another (be careful what IP you accept in a trade).
  • Share accessibility to Grids and Systems.
    • Including allowing access through a Blockade.
    • Excluding access to grids and systems gained through a Space Station.
    • Excluding access to grids and systems gained through Regional affiliation. 
      Example: if a Faction affiliated with the New Republic makes a deal for access with an Imperial Remnant, (depending on the specifics of their agreement) they can use access the Imperials have based on Grids and Systems under the Faction’s control, but they may not have free reign to build anywhere in the Imperial Remnant Region.
  • Build for, and encourage their Faction Recruits to build for other Factions (with the other Faction Leader's approval).
  • Anything else not expressly prohibited by these rules or Eurobricks Code of Conduct.

!!!: Bullying will not be tolerated. If you feel a player is acting inappropriately, PM/DM any Game Master or Faction Leader so that we can discuss the problem and take appropriate actions.

Spying, double-dealing, lying, and manipulating is allowed, but know that your personal reputation is at stake, and your actions in this game (just as in other games) reflects on your character, and respect in the community. A good name is hard to earn, and easy to lose. This game is just 1s and 0s on your screen, your reputation is more important.

The Map

The Factions RPG is based on the map created by Henry Bernberg with his permission. This map will be used to decide which Grid, Systems, and Hyperspace Lanes are located in. If there are any changes to the map, the map in this link will decide the game. However, an agreement between Faction Leaders may allow for some leniency as Factions transition their strategies.

The map below is an edited snapshot of the game map, and can be used for general reference. A detailed game map can be found on this link.


Accessing the Galaxy

Accessibility across the map depends on your Faction's affiliation and Systems controlled by your Faction. Generally, if your Faction is not affiliated with a Regional Group, the regular access rules apply.

Regional Groups

There are four Regions, New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Crime Syndicate, and Uncontrolled Territory (which consists of many sub groups). If a Faction is affiliated with the New Republic, they may travel freely and access any system within the New Republic regions. If a Faction is affiliated with a criminal organization, they may travel freely and access any System within Crime Syndicate Space. If a Faction is affiliated with the Imperial Remnant, they may travel freely and access any System within the Imperial Remnant. If a Faction is not affiliated with any of the groups above, they may travel freely and access any System within the Uncontrolled Territory where they claimed their initial 50 IP. 


Affiliation is determined by each Faction Leader when the Faction is initially established. If a Faction chooses to change their affiliation, they will lose all IP in their former Regional Group.

Once a Faction, or multiple Factions, controls one System in every occupied Grid of an Uncontrolled Region, that Faction, or Factions, may define its own Regional Group or expand an existing Regional Group. Other members of the Regional Group would be given access across the now controlled Region. If the Faction loses control any of those Systems, the Region will revert to being Uncontrolled.

Aside from affiliation with a Regional Group, there are four ways to access different parts of the galaxy: System control, Grid control, and Hyperspace Routes. (Accessibility may be affected by blockades, see below).

System Presence (10 IP): If your Faction has at least 10 IP on a System, you may continue to build and gain IP on that System. Example, if you gain 10+ IP on Tatooine during an Episode or other contest and your faction would not have access to that System otherwise, you may continue to build on Tatooine. However, you may not gain IP on Geonosis or any other System in R-16 until you have controlled Tatooine.

System Control (50 IP): If you control a System, you may build on any System in that Grid.

Grid Control (50-150 IP): If you control a Grid, you may also build in all 8 adjacent Grid.  
Example: If you control O7, you may also build in N6, N7, N8, O6, O8, P6, P7, and P8.

Hyperspace Routes 

  • If you control a System located on a hyperspace route, you may build on any other System located on that route.
  • If you control a Grid that a hyperspace route passes through, you may build in any of the other Grid that the route passes through.
  • A route is considered continuous for as long as it keeps the same name. 
    Example:  If you control the System Trellen (M11), you can build anywhere along the Trellen Trade Route up to and including Kashyyyk (P9).  However, you cannot build on any of the routes beyond Kashyyyk, because they all have different names.  You also could not build on Gorse (O10) because it's not located on the Trellen Trade Route.  But, if You controlled Trellen's Grid (M11), you could build on Gorse or any other System in a Grid that the Trellen Trade Route passed through.

    map-example1-2 copy.jpg
  • The only exception is unnamed hyperspace routes (routes labeled "HYPERSPACE LANE" when you zoom in, and hover over the route). Unnamed routes are considered continuous, as long as they follow a straight path, through a system. If the route follows a continuous curve, that is considered straight and unbroken. If a route leaves a system at a different angle, that is considered a broken and discontinuous route.
    Example 1: The unnamed route leading south from Columex (R6) is considered continuous through Sy Myrth (S7), all the way to Boonta (S8). This route stops at Boonta, because it does not follow a straight path, through the system.


    Example 2: Although the Veragi Trade Route looks like it is continuous all the way from Vinsoth to Ord Trasi, the hyperspace route changes name after Bescane. That means that if you control Vinsoth, you have access to the entire Veragi Trade Route, including Bescane, but you cannot access systems beyond Bescane, where the hyperspace route changes name.

  • In the case that Grid has no clear hyperspace routes entering or exiting the Grid, you can access it by controlling an adjacent Grid (see Grid Control above).
    Example: The Jedha system is found in Grid H10, but has no visible hyperspace lanes. A faction may access it by controlling one of the adjacent grids (G9, H9, I9, G10, I10, G11, H11, or I11).
    Another example: Bakura is in G16, but only has one hyperspace route entering from the right (H16). If a faction is blocked from that hyperspace route, they could also access Bakura in in G16 by controlling any of the adjacent Grids to G16 (F15, G15, H15, F16, H16, F17, G17, or H17).



Sharing Accessibility 

Factions may agree to share their access to their territory (Systems, Grids or Hyperspace Lanes).

Controlling the Map

When it comes to map control, Systems and Grids are the two primary map elements. A System refers to an entire solar system, containing multiple Planets (or other celestial objects, like moons, stars, asteroids, etc.). In order to earn IP in a system, you can build anywhere in that system (a space station close to the sun, a starship in interplanetary transit, or in orbit around a planet, or on the surface of a moon, asteroid, or planet in the system. A Grid refers to an abstract square zone in the galaxy. Sectors and Regions are also abstract zones used for navigation, and to identify affiliation.


System Presence (10 IP): Once a Faction has earned 10 IP in a System, they have a Presence in that System and may earn IP in that System regardless of losing access to that System. If a Faction gains 9 IP in a System through an Episode or hyperspace lane which they later lose, they may not continue to earn IP in that System without procuring another way to access the System. But, if a Faction earns 10 IP in a System, they can continue to build in that System, regardless of other rules of access.

Once a Faction has earned 10 IP in a system, they have extended knowledge of that system, and all assets and VPs in the system are revealed to the faction.

System Control (50 IP): Once a Faction has earned 50 IP in a System, that System is under their control. Opposing factions can take over or retake a System by scoring 25 IP more than the current Faction. If two factions have 50 IP in a system, the faction that got to 50 IP first has control, and the opposing faction must earn 25+ IP in order to get control of the system.

Grid Presence (75 IP): Once a Faction has earned 75 IP in a Grid, they have extended knowledge of that grid, and all assets and VPs in the grid are revealed to the faction.

Grid Control (50-150 IP): Controlling three or more Systems in a Grid, grants the Faction control of the entire Grid. If more than one Faction controls 3 or more Systems in a Grid, control is decided by who controls most systems by majority. If there is a tie, the Faction that controlled it most recently retains control until another Faction gains system control majority.

If a Grid has fewer than 3 Systems, all Systems must be controlled to control the Grid.


Factions can block other Factions from earning IP in Systems or Grids that would otherwise be accessible. Basically, a Faction can stop all accessibility to and through a particular System.

To do so, a Faction must: 

  • Control the blocked System (rules below).
  • Build and post a 50+ stud-long Capital Ship in the blocked System - does not have to be an established/canonical design. Build what you think your Faction's Capital fleet (or whatever makes sense for your story) should look like, part of your points will depend on how much the judges agree with your concept.
  • Declare the blockade in each Faction's pinned topic. You may specify terms of any particular Faction's access to or through the blocked System. For example, if the Blockade only applies to Imperial Affiliates, you may specify in the other Faction's topic that a Blockade is enforced, but only for Imperial Affiliates and free travel of other Factions is allowed.
  • Earn 1 IP in the blocked System each week (blockades will be discontinued if new builds are not posted within 7 days of the Faction's last posted build in that Grid, and a new 50+ stud Capital Ship must be built and posted to reinstitute the blockade.

Destroying a blockade: Blockades can be destroyed in the same way as Space Stations (see below).

Space Stationspecial-spacestation2.jpg

Space Stations allows Factions to access grids without any systems.

Creating Space Stations

  • Build a Space Station and post it in a system controlled by your Faction.
  • Your build must earn minimum of 15 IP.
    • IPs earned from the space station build will be earned in the system where the space station was build and posted.
  • The build must include a micro scale build of the Space Station (Forced perspective may be used but the emphasis must be on a well detailed and appropriate Space Station. No specific micro scale ratio is required).

Maintaining a Space Stations

Like blockades, Factions must continue to earn IP for that Space Station to maintain full benefits of the Space Station.

  • The Faction owning a space station, must earn 1 IP each month, for that space station.
    • If a Faction fails to do this, that Space Station will be locked into its last Grid.
    • A locked Space Station may only be re-activated and moved, by posting another build of the Space Station earning 10+ IP.
    • IP earned "on" Space Stations will be posted to the orbiting System or the last System the Space Station occupied before entering an unoccupied Grid.
  • Space Stations may move to a System in one adjacent Grid each month, as declared on the Faction's pinned topic. Once moved from a Grid, the Faction will lose access to the Grid it occupied (unless it has access by another means).
  • Space Stations may utilize Hyperspace Lanes but must stop between Lanes, as if stopping to make a new jump on a different Hyperspace Lane. When entering a Grid via Hyperspace Lanes, the Space Station must stop on a System connected to that Hyperspace Lane. When making Hyperspace jumps with no System at the Hyperspace Lane junction, the Space Station must stop at the nearest System and use a turn to move to the junction.

Access vs Control

Space Stations function as moving, controlled Systems; not a controlled Grid. They do not give access to adjacent Grids or Systems not directly on connected Hyperspace Lanes.
Space Stations cannot be used to control occupied Grids. For example, if a Space Station moves into your Faction’s single System Grid, your Faction will not lose control of that Grid.
However, Space Stations may move into occupied Grids to give a Faction access to the Systems in that Grid. Space Stations must move to a System before building on that System.

Destroying Space Stations (and Blockades)

  • Space Stations and Blockades can be destroyed by Starfighter-only Freebuilds.
  • If a Space Station moves into a System accessible to another Faction, that Faction may attack the Space Station with Starfighter-only Freebuilds for one week.
    • To avoid losing their Space Station, the Faction controlling the Space Station may also post Starfighter-only Freebuilds to defend their Space Station, within one week of the first attack.
  • Blockades can keep Space Stations from moving, but they do not keep the Space Station from defending itself. Space Stations may move into Blockaded Systems, but they may not build on the Blockaded System unless they destroy the Blockade first.
  • Space Stations may not move while under attack. They may move during the judging period if one month has passed since they entered the Grid. 
  • After the first week is judged and scores are posted, Factions with access to the Grid, where the Space Station is located, may attack again, and the Faction controlling the Space Station have a week to defend.
  • Other Factions can attack the Space Station, but the Faction controlling the Space Station, will only lose the Space Station if a single Faction has a higher cumulative score.
  • After one week, the Faction with the highest cumulative score will win, either destroying the Space Station or leaving it for another week.


Initial Map Setup

With the transition from Factions 1.0 to Factions 2.0, it has been decided to reset the map in order to level the playing field for all Factions. The game will begin once the Faction leaders have prepared their faction pages, and set up their individual territories. See the tab below for details on the initial map setup.


Initial Systems

Each Faction will be given 50 IP to claim a System within their affiliated Regional Group. Starting Factions will be based on invitation to all players who earned at least 150 XP in SoNE and Factions 1.0. All new Factions thereafter will be given 50 IP to start unless they reclaim IP from their current Faction.

  • Any players (who are new Faction Leaders) that were part of the Factions 1.0 winning team may choose first in the order of their choosing. 
  • Subsequent Faction Leaders will get to choose their Systems in order of the number of Holocrons their team controlled at the end of Factions 1.0, then according to most to least XP.
  • If a new Faction Leader was not part of a team that earned any Holocrons, they will choose after the teams in order of most to least XP.

According to the final results (unless new FLs emerge) Initial Systems will be chosen in the following order: 

  1. Darth Bjorn (highest XP from 1st place Faction)
  2. Marvelboy (second highest XP from 1st place Faction)
  3. Simulterous (third highest XP from 1st place Faction)
  4. RocketBoy (highest XP from 2nd place tied Faction)
  5. Denal31 (second highest XP from 2nd place tied Faction)
  6. goatman461 (highest XP from 3rd place tied Faction)
  7. Dvogon (second highest XP from 3rd place tied Faction)
  8. n1majneb (third highest XP from 3rd place tied Faction)
  9. Pombe (fourth highest XP from 3rd place tied Faction)
  10. MKJoshA (highest XP)
  11. WickNole (second highest XP)

Converting Factions 1.0 XP and Assigning IP

For every 10 XP earned in Factions 1.0, a Faction Leader may choose one System to assign 1 IP to the Faction of their choosing. If the System is within the Faction's initial Subregion or a Grid where the Faction already controls a System, the IP will be 1 IP per 2 XP earned. Unaffiliated Factions may convert 2 XP to 1 IP in the Uncontrolled Subregion where they claimed their initial 50 IP. Access rules do not apply during this stage and will not change any ratios listed above.

  • Starting with the player with the most XP, in increments of 100 XP (converted to 10-50 IP as described above), may choose anywhere on the map to place their IP. 
  • Subsequent Faction Leaders will take turns based on most to least XP, then restarting with the highest XP Faction Leader. 
  • When a Faction Leader has less than 100 XP, they may assign their XP based on the ratios above, rounding up to the nearest 1IP.

According to the XP earned during Factions 1.0, the order will proceed as follows (unless new FLs emerge):

  1. Darth Bjorn: 1210
  2. goatman461: 822
  3. MKJoshA: 779
  4. marvelBoy123: 730
  5. RocketBoy: 667
  6. Dvogon: 549
  7. Simulterious: 353
  8. n1majneb: 318
  9. pombe: 174
  10. WickNole: 147

Starting Map and the result of the initial draft:


Assigning IP converted from Factions 1.0 Player XP

  • As Factions 1.0 players come back into the game, their Factions 1.0 XP may be converted, in the same ratios, after their first build for their new Faction.
  • Converted IP must be used within a month of the player's first build. Any IP not placed within a month will be forfeited. 
  • Converted IP must not be placed on known VP systems.



A compendium of relevant terms and their meanings. See the tab below.


Faction: A team of builders based around a single Faction Leader and unlimited Faction Recruits. If they have access to the System, Factions earn Influence Points for those Systems when their Faction Recruits or other builders post builds for their Faction.

Faction Leader: Builders with 150 XP (from SoNE and/or Factions) that have chosen to create and manage their own Faction - or who have taken over for another retired Faction Leader. Faction Leaders are responsible for encouraging their Faction Recruits, being the primary contact with Faction Recruits for questions about the game or any kind of behavioral intervention. 

Faction Recruit: Builders that are accepted to and build for a Faction. Membership in a Faction is at the sole discretion of the Faction Leader. 

Game Master: Faction Leaders in charge of rule interpretation and game mechanics. Game Masters will rotate among the Faction Leaders at the discretion of the current Game Masters. Each Game Master has the autonomy and authority to clarify rules and address conflicts within the game. Decisions among Game Masters must be unanimous in order to take effect.

Judge: Faction Leaders chosen to score builds. At least three Judges must score a build before the score is posted. Individual scoring will not be disclosed to the builder, but Faction Leaders will have access to the scoring sheet and are responsible for helping their Faction Recruits understand the scoring system and interpret their overall score.

Judges may score builds however they choose, but we strive to keep average builds between 1-10 XP, exceptional builds 11-30 XP, and truly masterful builds 31-50 XP. No rubric will be required and each Judge has autonomy to score builds however they see fit.

Experience Points (XP): Points earned from the first iteration of Factions, SoNE, or from the average scores of at least three judges and applicable bonuses on an entry. Scores will be posted at the end of each judging period, which may vary.

Influence Points (IP): Points attributed to a Faction by its Faction Recruits or other builders. These points determine accessibility and control over Systems and Grids.

Victory Points (VP): Game winning points gathered by controlling valuable systems across the map. 

Map: The Galactic Map as represented here - http://www.swgalaxymap.com/

If any changes are made to the map, those changes will automatically be integrated into the game unless Game Masters allow for any transition period.

Region: Geographic Regions outlined by the Map above.

Regional Group: Roughly based on what canonical material we have, Regions have been assigned to Regional Groups that would be larger than a typical Faction, or that would naturally be represented by multiple Factions. Special accessibility or IP rules may apply based on your Faction’s Affiliation with a Regional Group.

Affiliation/Non-Affiliation: To loosely align with a larger Regional Group based on canonical, story-based reason. Each Faction may choose one Regional Group to be Affiliated with. Factions may not share access within the Region with Factions not Affiliated with the Regional Group. So an Imperial Remnant Faction cannot form, Affiliate itself with the New Republic, and give access throughout the New Republic with it’s fellow Imperial thugs. Common Affiliation does not mean that Factions have to share an alliance or work together.

Grid: The Galactic Map above is divided into an alpha/numeric grid. Each square in that grid is used by the game to divide territory and determine control of that portion of the Map. For example, Jedha is in Grid H-10. Coruscant happens to fall at the corners of K-9, L-9, K-10, and L-10 and for control purposes will count as a System in each of those Grids.

System: A planet or group of planets based around a star or other gravitational anomaly that keeps the planets in a regular orbit. Most Systems on the Map represent a single planet, but they may also include moons, canonical space stations (not those created by this game), or planets that are known to be close by but not represented on the Map. For example, the forest moon of Endor would be represented by Endor, Secundus Ando would be represented by Ando, and Galactic Center does count as a System based on its gravitational anomaly.

Hyperspace Route/Lane: Paths through space that can be traveled without crashing into a celestial body, thereby allowing ships with a hyperdrive to travel them at high speeds. These paths link together systems throughout the galaxy. Specific rules determine when a Hyperspace Lane starts and stops.

System Presence: Having at least 10 IP on a System. Having a presence in the System allows you to continue to build on that System.

System Control: Having at least 50 IP on a System. Controlling a System gives Factions access to any System in that System’s Grid and any System connected by a Hyperspace Lane.

Grid Control: Having Control of all the Systems in a Grid or at least three Systems in the Grid. Grid Control gives Factions access to adjacent Grids and any Grid connected by a Hyperspace Lane.

Blockade: When a Faction constructs an Interdictor or Capital Ship to deny other Factions access to or through a System. 

Space Station: Moving structures created and maintained by Factions to establish access in unoccupied Grids.

Access/Accessibility: Any System can be built on and posted to. The purpose of the game is to encourage and attract great builds. At the same time, Factions are restricted in where they can earn IP (and thereby control Systems) by Systems they have access to. Accessibility is gained by controlling Systems and Grids connected by proximity and Hyperspace Lanes.

PM/DM: Private Message through Eurobricks or Direct Message through Discord

Discord: A free messaging app we often use to communicate. We highly recommend connecting with other builders through Discord.

Topic: When you post a build to the Eurobricks forum, you will create a new Topic. That Topic will have a specific prefix we use to catalog your build, such as: 

[S-15 - Scarif - TT] Scarif: Ugly Secrets (translated - [Build Grid - Build System - Faction Abbreviation] “title created by the builder”)

Post: Sometimes used interchangeably with “Topic,” but specifically referring to replies to a Topic. Posts are expected to be constructive and related to the Topic.

Challenges: The game is a bit of an open sandbox and also a narrative playing out by all the builders. Challenges are prompts and special scoring rules created by the Game Masters with the help of the Faction Leaders.

Victory Objective: The special challenge triggered when a Faction controls 20+ Victory Points.

Episodes: Challenges created to provide special bonuses and bring Factions together with a common narrative.

Baker Island Time, GMT-12: Deadlines for Challenges (unless otherwise specified) use the last timezone to determine the date.

Limited Time Challenges (LTCs): Challenges created to be a quick prompt with a special scoring bonus. 

Era Builds: A way to build collaboratively on popular Systems and earn IP on less popular but strategic Systems.



In this section you can find various assets to use in your builds, and when editing your photos etc. See the tab below.


The Factions logo in PNG format:








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Active Factions

Black Sun (BS)
Intergalactic Crime Syndicate

CorSec (CS)
Republic-aligned Security Organization

Chiss Ascendancy (CA)
Secretive force in the Unknown Regions

Dark Covenant (DC)
Acolytes of the Dark Side

Followers of the Force (FF)
Relics Hunters, Freedom Fighters, and the New Jedi Order

The Mando'ade (MA)
Proud Mandalorians united under one banner

New Republic Starhawk Command (NRSC)
Builders and Defenders of the New Republic

Pentastar Alignment (PA)
Isolationist Imperial Remnant

The Imperial Consortium (TIC)
Imperial Remnants and Warlords, defiers of the Concordance

Stygian Caldera Society (SCS)
Imperial Syndicate with ties to the occult


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Lieutenant Bohe Trask.

Lieutenant Bohe Trask.


    Trask began his military career in the fleeting days of the grand army of the Republic. Before the Republics transition into the Galalctic Empire Trask was      captain of the arquintens cruiser “Tantis”.
After the rise of the Empire & the        elimination of the Jedi order Trask was promoted to lieutenant commander of the Imperial 5th support fleet. He             commanded from the quasar carrier    “Cutlass” during most of the galactic civil war and continued to serve even after the Emperors death at Endor.


During the Empires last stand at Jakku Trask realized the Inevitable defeat as he watched the SSD “Ravager” fall, soon   after he abandoned his post in the    blockade calling for all ships under his command to retreat into Hyperspace and regroup at Rhen Var to await further orders. Four years later Trask would align the remaining Fifth fleet forces with the larger remnant group the Imperial Consortium.

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3 hours ago, Yperio_Bricks said:

Is the Socorro Trade Guild a inactive faction? So it is not possible to join that faction as a player?

Not terribly active, but you're welcome to try to get in touch with @WickNole. He's usually hiking through Eastern Europe and Russia taking pictures of ducks.

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22 hours ago, Yperio_Bricks said:

Is the Socorro Trade Guild a inactive faction? So it is not possible to join that faction as a player?

You most certainly can. :classic:  I will definitely be building something for the faction from time to time, but having other active members in the STG would definitely push me into participating more as well.

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3 hours ago, WickNole said:

You most certainly can. :classic:  I will definitely be building something for the faction from time to time, but having other active members in the STG would definitely push me into participating more as well.

Great! Then i would like to join STG.


Yperio Syn was a freight broker for the Baobab Merchant Fleet and most recently he ran the Con Star Mining Corporation's Office on Tyne's Horkey. Syn got into droid trade lately and this is how he made contact to the STG...


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Hello everyone,

i have some noob questions, sorry :innocent:

- Does it matter whether a planet is in canon or not?

- When planets are not on the map (swgalaxymap) like Qi Lozar or Tyne's Horky, is it possible to build there?

- When there is no information about a planet and its surface (for example: settlements, jungle, desert, water, humid/arid climate), how to decide which moc is suitable?

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The leadership of EB is sorry to announce that due to differences that could not be resolved @goatman461, @Darth Bjorn and @RocketBoy will be stepping down from leadership of Factions. They put a lot of effort into it, but as it is a Eurobricks game it will remain here on the site. They are welcome to use a different platform to run their own game. But "Factions" as it exists is the property of Eurobricks.

We know there is a Discord channel being used to host their own iteration of the game. But for those who want to continue playing Factions all your work on EB will remain.

Know that Eurobricks leadership has taken steps to understand the complaints voiced by @goatman461, @Darth Bjorn and @RocketBoy. But through that discussion they've shown themselves to be unwilling to abide by the site guidelines.

With their removal there will be changes to the game. But we welcome all Factions Leaders and players to continue to play Factions on EB. Please be patient with us as we form a new leadership team. If you have any questions please let me know.

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Well, Rocketboy, as much as I admired your mocs I can't understand why you are posting something on EB to convince people to leave Factions on EB. And it seems that moving Factions from EB to another platform isn't really gonna take place, so I (and I guess most of the audience) is really wondering what kind of miscommunication just goes around the management of this game. And the reasons of this are far waway from beeing an open book. I simply don't understand it. " The new forum will be more modern, focused, and give us more opportunities for customization. (and using Bjorn's wonderful graphic design work.) " tells me that in your opinion the "old" forum isn't focused, overcome and limits customisations? We are (trying to) destroying the game becauce somebody is not allowed to put little printed symbols on Minifigs?

What I really really really dislike is that this whole thing sucks the fun in the game I had so far. And that is just the reason why I participate: Fun. Take that away and I am gone.

Assuming that you are all grown-up man (or women or whatsoever) playing with kids toys ;-) I appeal everybody involved in this struggle:

1. If you have internal struggle, keep it internal.
2. If you can't resolve the struggle, find a way to leave in a good manner.


Edited by jansued

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