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[SR - OKT - Micro] - Hellion's Stallion coffee factory

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Taking advantage of nearby coffee plantation - [SR - FB] Coffee Plantation, Hellion - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums Omni Al-Hash started his first step for a proper multi island commercial empire. Coffee is a favorite drink in Mokolei and the local strains are completly unknown down there so he hopes for a big splash with the new brand.


Wagon with fresh badge of coffee beans just arrived to the yard. Right about time for the morning brew.



Top view:


Large factory microprice from [OKT] Annual Oktoberfest mini-challenge - WINNERS ANNOUNCED! - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums

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Looks great! If anything it maybe looks a little more modern than 1700s-1800s, but the shape of the building is instantly recognizable as a factory.

I love the smoke effect. Great job with the SNOT-ed water

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