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[SR - FB] Galleon Habana

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I like galleons! I improved and developed the custom hull and changed the bow. You can also see Paraiso Bay. I like Paraiso Bay!


51512431984_b35a199f5a_b.jpgTOB 18 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51511716931_12f4d87830_b.jpgTOB 17 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51511943413_496c030742_b.jpgTOB 21 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51510915127_8977c84934_b.jpgTOB 22 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51511716821_5784f8a000_b.jpgTOB 20 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51510915192_71193ebc60_b.jpgTOB 19 by Philippe, auf Flickr


Paraiso Bay 112 x 96, Poppy Port:




51512432184_ab4f603520_b.jpgHAB 07 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51511717081_c96aa19c11_b.jpgHAB 08 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51512651145_d10e0a807e_b.jpgHAB 09 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51512651935_cc2246700e_b.jpgHAB 10 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51512651125_bbb0c0da23_b.jpgHAB 11 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51512432064_1b09467971_b.jpgTOB 12 by Philippe, auf Flickr


On this ship you can see even more clearly that the hull is inclined inwards at the level of the cannon deck. The hull tilts outwards up to the cannon deck.


51510915252_89e381de24_b.jpgTOB 14 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51511717011_f532bfa456_b.jpgTOB 15 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51510915217_e28e661297_b.jpgTOB 16 by Philippe, auf Flickr


The widest point on the main deck 24 studs included railing.

The widest point on the cannon deck 28 studs included hull (without outside hull tile).

The deck is from the aft to the forward railing 91 studs included railing, at the feet of figurehead 112 studs.

The waterline is 94 studs.

Total length 132 studs.


Lego Scale Converter


51512650915_a8de003a79_b.jpgHAB 01 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51512431854_e9ee0076cf_b.jpgHAB 02 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51511717221_c4abbc556b_b.jpgHAB 03 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51511943683_b81c8b734d_b.jpgHAB 05 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51512432214_aeb4ec580e_b.jpgHAB 06 by Philippe, auf Flickr


51512651200_6b8a534f80_b.jpgHAB 04 by Philippe, auf Flickr


Brethren of the Brick Seas: Class 8, because a galleon has several decks and all requirements were built:

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Another powerful vessel from you. You're probably going to get some bribes to avoid being targeted... 

The curvature is done excellently here, though you can tell she's quite a heavy vessel. The blue and yellow looks great, and I like the 1x1 tiles turned on their side as an accent, it's a nice accent.  I'm definitely a fan of the little dingy as well, the brick built nature makes it look perfectly in scale with the Habana proper.  I really like the technique of the icecream cones in the 1x1 cones for the balcony on the back. I'll have to try that myself some time. 

Nice job, and you're going to be a terror next MCRA!

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Thank you very much for the compliments. My newest ship is almost perfect. I'll have to improve the bow of the ship next time. I only see a few and small mistakes. A galleon is a lot of fun to build. This is what my first ship should have looked like with real bricks.

Everything is possible at this MCRA, we'll see what happens.

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On 11/26/2021 at 8:52 AM, Ross Fisher said:

Phwoar, a beautiful tub. Nice all round. 

Thank you, I'm glad you like my galleon. :pir-huzzah2:

Edited by NOD

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