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[SR - FB] Esperanza - MOC 21322 Barracuda Frigate

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Class 7 heavy frigate


50750339042_3fd1f89343_b.jpgEsperanza 1 by Philippe, auf Flickr


Another MOC from the 21322 Barracuda Ship. This time I built a frigate.


50749495948_c57e0cecd0_b.jpgEsperanza 2 by Philippe, auf Flickr


The middle part was answered to 6 mid sections. There is also an additional mast.


50749495933_d4ed1f71a2_b.jpgEsperanza 3 by Philippe, auf Flickr


12 swivel guns were positioned on the deck.


50749495913_0677c37940_b.jpgEsperanza 4 by Philippe, auf Flickr


There are 20 cannons below deck.


50749495988_0a30e5911a_b.jpgEsperanza 8 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50749495993_414942b695_b.jpgEsperanza 7 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50750239161_9bf0e425c7_b.jpgEsperanza 6 by Philippe, auf Flickr


50750339097_03edbb5548_b.jpgEsperanza 5 by Philippe, auf Flickr

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Ooh, she looks excellent. I didn't comment earlier, since you put them all on one thread, but I'll add some thoughts on this one. :pir-classic:

She is a well put together ship, and rendered quite well too. To me, she looks like she sailed out of the scenes of PoTC and onto the Brick Seas. The curvature is well done, and the black highlights well against the white. 

2 minor criticisms. The sails could be a bit more animated, and since you're already doing this digitally here, I think it would have been worth doing. Additionally, the black could use some breaking up here and there, it's a bit dark, just by nature of the piece colour, so I think it could have used some more accents. 

All together though, nice vessel, and I will rue the day my ships run into her. :shark:

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Thank you very much for the compliments. My second ship that I built. I don't like the bow of the ship. There are many other mistakes. Only from the beginning of the third ship will my construction get better. You are right I should rework the sails on the next ship.

I hope our ships don't meet soon. A look into my crystal ball does not see any conflicts.

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