Faction: The Black Sun Crime Syndicate

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Black Sun logo

The Black Sun Crime Syndicate

Faction: The Black Sun
Faction Leader: dvogon
Faction pseudonyms: (BSS), The Black Sun Syndicate
Affiliation: Crime Syndicates
Headquarters/Capital: Scarif
Systems: Scarif (S15), Molavar (S15), Kamino (S15), Tatooine (R16), Geonosis (R16), Koiogra (R16), Chardaan (N13), Nal Hutta & Nar Shaddaa (S12) (in progress), and Bothawui (R14) (in progress)
Sectors: Abrion SectorGrohl SectorArkanis SectorHutt SpaceBothan Space
Grid Control: S15, R16


"It is a vast criminal syndicate…its influence felt on every planet from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. Black Sun has existed for hundreds of years, and embedded itself in the very fiber of the galaxy. The resources at its disposal are almost limitless. The soldiers under its command number in the tens of thousands. The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe."
―Darth Sidious, to Darth Maul

Many things have changed in the Galaxy... The Black Sun Crime Syndicate has always been part of the core history of the Galaxy. We have seen so many governments to raise and fall that we surely know how to adapt ourselves to these new times in the Galaxy. The Republic, the Empire, the Rebellion, the New Republic, the Jedis, the Sith... We have seen all of them raising and declining. Now it is not different. If criminal activities were not profitable there would be no criminals in the galaxy. But the nature of the species and their unmentionable weaknesses is different, that is why we are still here when so many others have disappeared.


The task of controlling the Black Sun criminal syndicate by Savan, our leader during Factions 1.0 and the niece of the powerful Black Sun Underlord Prince Xizor, was a difficult one. She had to compete on power and influence against the other Vigos of the Black Sun, leading to an internal secret war among all of them. Savan got her own fate trying to capture the human replica droid Guri. She was captured and sent to an unknown prision.

The Black Sun organisation internal war drastically reduced its previous power and its influence as a cohesive syndicate almost disappeared, splitting the black market control through the galaxy in many small criminal groups with their own local power.



When Emperor Palpatine declared his Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Fliry Vorru was made Grand Moff of the Corellian Oversector and assumed the role of commander of the 2nd Sector Army. 

Prince Xizor, Vorru's principal rival, betrayed him to balance his growing power and was sent to Kessel prison. Some years later he was liberated by the Rogue Squadron to help them to infiltrate in Coruscant. That gave him the opportunity to take control of the Black Sun syndicate remnants. Following the Alliance invasion of Coruscant, Vorru moved to Thyferra to control the Bacta production until he was jailed again at the end of the Bacta War.

Now, after escaping for a second time from the Kessel prison, he is reorganizing the Black Sun syndicate in the Outer Rim...




The leader of the Black Sun organisation is the Underlord. To oversee the Syndicate activities of different sectors there are nine deputies called Vigos reporting directly to the Underlord.

If you are less idealistic with the feet on the ground, our Syndicate is the right place to improve your skills while building your own great name in the galaxy. Smugglers, spies, bounty hunters and all alike are welcome to join our mission.

Those with enough guts and determination may also become one of our most feared Vigos' deputies or even become one of our nine Vigos. We are always looking for the best of the best! 

Check out our FAQ below for details!


Our current Vigos and the main galaxy regions they are assigned to are, from left to right:

The Outer Rim - Geonosis: Paang Dee
The Colonies - Castell - Griv Gade
The Deep Core - Empress Teta: Nis Avar
Hutt Space - Nar Shaddaa: Jott the Hutt
The Expansion Region - Cyrillia: Klais Braa

The Inner Rim - Chardaan: Marek Drak
The Mid Rim - Daalang: Sivian Salev

The Core Worlds - Coruscant: Hayek Roh
Unknown Regions - Rakata Prime: Dian Zee

You may find us almost everywhere, if you look at the right places, as you would expect. Best chance to know about us is to ask for the Black Sun in any reputable cantina of the Galaxy.

<music theme playing in the background>

Maybe, if it is profitable enough we could be even managing it... Great cantina owners always accept our Syndicate as special members as we use to keep their business healthy in many ways --do not need to enter into the details--. Surely you will hear interesting stories about us there! 


<next music theme now playing>

We are used to go back to our beloved cantinas in the sector we are working on to discuss about our business activities, Galaxy breaking news, the next steps of our missions, or just to relax a bit prior the next ones. Sharing experiences and adventures with other Syndicate members is one of our best hobbies, as we are fundamentally part of the same family. 

And trust us, we are always at hand when any of us is in trouble!


We are accepting people from all species and from all corners of the Galaxy. As far as they are worthy of belonging to our Syndicate, we have no prejudices. Once you are in, you will have the protection of the Syndicate in the whole Galaxy. 

And believe us, it will be enough.



We are waiting for you!  

Go there and join us!


Our Territory

The darker purple subregion in the Outer Rim is where the Black Sun Syndicate is being reorganised. Under this initial subregion we have control of grid S15 and R16, shown in dark purple squares. We have also access to other subregions of the Hutt Space main region as we are affiliated to Crime Syndicates, shown in lighter purple.

Main hyperspace lanes we have access to are shown with dark purple lines: Corellian Run and Triellus Trade Route. For some of them we have access to the grids where the trade route pass, shown with light purple squares. We have also access to the Hydian Way hyperspace lane, but only to systems located in the lane itself. 


Hi-res version here: Black Sun Hi-Res map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Send an application in PM (Eurobricks)/DM (Discord) to faction leader @dvogon, explaining why you have the guts to be part of the Black Sun Syndicate. If you are a good candidate, be sure without any doubts that you will joining our faction!

Our faction, The Black Sun, has a long history in the Galaxy. We promote all shadow deals, contraband and black market activities to fund our faction. We have always done that and to a great extent that is a good business endeavour, where you would have the best opportunities and prosperity in the Galaxy.

A dark undertone is always welcome in the builds, giving our primary business, but we always fit in the place we are, as our activities are developed mostly unnoticed by most people. If anyone takes notice and that was not on intent, feel free to terminate them ;)  

Think about any place in the Galaxy to build on, where you could be transferring cargo to other ships, making deals with other species, protecting some targets, interrogating witnesses of activities we are tracking on... There are so many possibilities!

The builds could be located almost everywhere: in very luxury places like a skyscraper apartment or social party location, in a cantina either in a big city or in a lost planet, in the middle of the space, within a spaceship, in a space port facility, or just in any dark alley of a Galaxy big city, to give you some samples. 

Remember that you are allowed to build anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, but only by building in accessible systems can you earn Influence Points (IP = System Control) for the faction. Any IPs you earn for the faction will help you to scale in the ranks of the Black Sun Syndicate.

If you have any question, proposal of new targets, or just you would like to have a suggestion on where you could make a build to help the faction ongoing activities, please send a PM (Eurobricks)/DM (Discord) to faction leader @dvogon to get advise on those. But remember, we promote great self confidence within our members and we value most their own initiative!

Members of the Black Sun Syndicate can build in any system throughout the Galaxy, where the faction has control or a presence (purple regions, grids, and systems). Members can also build on any system along the purple hyperlanes.

For any more technical questions on where to build of if one system is controlled or accessible to our faction, feel free to send a PM (Eurobricks)/DM (Discord) to faction leader @dvogon


Gain 50 IPs for the faction to become one of our extremely feared Vigos' Deputies. You can choose for which Vigo you want to work with. That will be a proof of your commitment to the Syndicate. Post a build with your achievement to be pinned in this thread and let others in the Galaxy to know about you!

Gain 100 IPs for the faction to become one of our 9 mighty Vigos of the Black Sun. Exemplarity and excellent work within the Syndicate has always the appropriate prize. You will be in charge of one of our 9 regions, overseeing our business and other syndicate-related activities, replacing one of the 9 current ones. Post a build with your achievement for pinning in this thread and let be known and feared by anyone else, biological or mechanical, in the Galaxy.

Bringing your XPs from Factions 1 season and gaining IPs for Black Sun in season 2 also counts for the total IPs to become a Vigo Deputy or a Vigo.  

Edited by dvogon
Updated map and FAQ

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The Followers of the Force have created a Blockade in the Kinyen system (L15). The purpose of this blockade, cornerstoned by a powerful Mom Calamari warship, is to secure neutrality on the Great Gran Run. To that end, it applies to both Imperial and Republic affiliates, preventing either from invading the other. 



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Fahne Fathall is a former Black Sun member under Savan's lead, who was the leader of Black Sun in Factions 1.0

Fahne, among other black market activities and syndicate missions, led the group to steal an important coaxium cargo from the New Republic, which is helping funding the Syndicate. Being a former Shadow Guard during Empire times, she was an easy pick for Fliry Vorru to be very active in the new endeavours of the Syndicate.


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