Porsche 911 RSR powered by Mindstorms

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LEGO Lab teased us with a Technic Porsche model that has some smarts in it, powered by the new LEGO Mindstorms hub, motors, sensors.   However, it was really just an experiment with no official news that it will actually be released.   So....


I present to you my own realization of the model.


  • Motorized drive & steering
  • Remote-controllable via Mindstorms app or compatible wireless controller
  • Distance sensor for object avoidance, also functions as headlights
  • Color sensor for line following
  • Fully independent suspensions
  • Working engine
  • Working steering wheel
  • Openable doors
  • Openable front hood
  • Openable engine cover
  • Improved rear wheel well clearance
  • Teal bodywork accents and all-white mudguards


Here are more images and renders:







The build is a remix of sets 42096 (Porsche 911 RSR) and some parts of 51515 (Robot Inventor).   More details and FREE downloadable file on Rebrickable.   The digital file is already broken down into steps, you can use's Instruction Maker to output it as a PDF file if you want to.

Enjoy and let me know what you all think!


Note to Admins:  I posted this on the Technic forum as the build is mostly still Technic, just so happens the motorization is done with Mindstorms elements.   Feel free to move it to the Mindstorms forum if necessary.


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There are already activities in the Mindstorms app that let you do line following and object avoidance.  The programs for those will just need some tweaking to adapt to this Porsche model.

Sadly, I dont have a good space to lay a track to actually play and film this model driving autonomously.

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23 hours ago, Daniel-99 said:

I like how you add a new color in the car replacing the red one! This Porsche is a sister if mine ;-)

Yeah teal is the color of the new Mindstorms set. :)

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