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42126 Unimog U1400 Snowplow - alternate build

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Hi folks,

I'm happy to introduce my alternate build from the official set 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor, the Unimog (UniMOC) U1400 with Snowplow attachment. As the little brother of 8110 Unimog U400, this model in 1:17 scale uses 1264 parts of the inventory from the set 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor and 2 spare parts included in the set with a total of 1266 parts. Having the set 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor, all parts are available to build this alternate model and no other parts from other sets are required. The two spare parts from 42126 to build this Unimog U1400 alternate are:


Instructions are available on rebrickable

Follow this link to my page for more content


Functions & Features

  • HoG-steering
  • independent suspension in front and back
  • working 4-piston engine under the hood
  • openable doors
  • detailed interior
  • openable hood to reveal engine
  • attachment for Snowplow, moveable in high and tilting angle
  • fully closed tipper bed with openable lid and lock
  • additional snow shovel
  • 40cm x 20cm x 18cm












The model 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor uses many sticker for the lights in front and back, which are reused in this Unimog U1400. The images above shows some custom sticker, which are not part of the 42126 model and not mandatory to build this alternate Unimog U1400. Those custom sticker are optional and only used for better and more realistic look. If you have the ability to print custom sticker, feel free to do to polish up this model. Below this is how the front of the model looks like without any custom sticker, but with the original headlights of the Raptor...


...and without any sticker, for custom headlights for example.



The premium instructions with high quality images as usual comes with 254 pages for a challenging but satisfying building experience. For a 18+ set, this alternate model is not more difficult to build than the Raptor. The instructions are available at Rebrickable. Here are some example pages of the instructions:





Unimog U1400 in real



Have fun with this replica of Unimog U1400 alternate build and feel free to build and discuss. I know this model is not 4x4 and it can't be 'cause the Raptor is not 4x4 and there are no parts in 42126 to do that.

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Looks very nice; shape is spot on, perfect color combination; even tires look very good on it, the only complains are no portal achse hubs (probably not enough parts for that and not for front torque tube axle) and V4 instead of inline 4 engine.

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Argh, feel more and more like buying this set, just for the parts, don't care much for the original model but I do like what you have done here.


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Looks great, especially considering the pile of garbage it was made from. Still dislike the sticker headlights tho. But you managed a pretty consistent colorsceme and some small details too. Great job!

Only the HOG gear is triggering me, that has to be a 12t gear! Idk why but for me the feeling of turning a 12t gear especially makes me feel calm and a bit happy. I think it is the nostalgia that links the feeling to happy days long gone.

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