Hello fellow Legomaniacs :-)

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48 years old, born in Basel, Switzerland, I was a huge Lego fan up until my teens — but then began my rather long dark age, which lasted until 2017/2018. During the last four years I have been continuously falling deeper and deeper into the Legoverse once more.

In autumn 2017 I bought my first Lego set since the late 80‘s (the Mercedes Arocs), followed by the new UCS Millennium Falcon, the latter being the set that got me hooked again.

Since then I have been building MOCs and buying sets again, first mainly Technic, then Creator Expert cars and some Ideas sets. With Lego having finally discovered the AFOL market lately, it has gotten harder and harder to choose what and what not to buy — as not only money, but also space is a constant issue, as no doubt most of you/us have encountered.

Through my re-immersion in the Lego world I have also been discovering LDD. Digitally building sets and then moccing them was what got me to learn about all the dozens (if not hundreds) of new parts compared to what I knew from my childhood. It was and still is fascinating to rediscover this world I had known so well as a child, but then almost completely put aside. That said, I still have a couple of creations from that time, and now that I‘m writing this, I think I‘ll maybe get them out of their boxes and show some of them here. Until that time, the newer MOCs/MODs will have to do.

Eurobricks has been a precious source of knowledge and inspiration during these last couple of years. So I‘m looking forward to the creative exchange with likeminded Lego fans and fanatics :-)


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